Webinar Today: Is Bandwidth Bottle-necking Your Computer Business Growth?

istock_000014253541xsmallThe other day I talked with three computer business owners that told me their bandwidth was full and they didn’t have any operational room to take on any other managed services clients.  This situation is fairly common among most IT firms as they only have one or two techs and so when they sign up just 2 or 3 clients the on-boarding process shuts them down for several months.  This is the question that the technology marketing & operational veterans John Black and Wayne Goldstein will answer as they discuss how you can make one call and expand your operational bandwidth by at least 80% and have enough room to start up your IT marketing to grow your business by getting more IT sales leads.  This Webinar will be Thursday June 2 nd at 3:15 Central Time/2:15 Mountain/1:15 Pacific/4:15 Eastern. 

Stop Bottle-necking The Growth Of Your Computer Business By Outsourcing The NOC /Help Desk!

Wayne from GMS Live Expert will be discussing how you can expand your reach for new clients by outsourcing your NOC and help-desk.  He will discuss some of the common myths and fears that many computer consultants have when they consider using and outsourced help desk.  He will also talk about the benefits that you have by outsourcing like offering a faster response time.  John Black will by joining in this conversation and discussing how MSPs can end the up and down swings in their IT marketing, once they have a larger bandwidth for new clients.

Make sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss this important webinar!

Topic: Stop Bottle-necking Your Computer Business Growth!
Date & Time: 2011-06-02 at 3:15 PM GMT-06
Duration: 45 min

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