Webinar Today 4pm Central!: How Telemarketing ‘Fits’ With IT Services Marketing!

istock_000015903522xsmallWith some many choices facing the average  computer business owner for IT marketing it’s tough to make the correct choices to help grow your business.  Some questions that you might be pondering are, should you focus your money on SEO or PPC to drive Internet leads?  Should you outsource telemarketing or bring that in-house?  Would a telemarketing campaign cannibalism leads that you might have gotten from other marketing efforts for less cost.  This webinar will discuss how telemarketing will fit into with other IT services marketing  and what what you should expect from an outbound campaign in terms or an ROI along with what you can do to make sure you maximize your return on your investment.  Join Today At 4:00pm Central/5:00pm Eastern/3:00 Mountain/2:00 Western Direction are below if you click the link!

What Kind Of Return Should You Expect From Outsourcing IT Services Marketing!

Let industry veteran, John Black of MSP Telemarketing – walk you through best practices on assessing how telemarketing can be used to grow your managed services practice and how it should fit into your comprehensive marketing strategy.
In this short 30 minute webinar we will cover tips on analyzing your own MSP Goals; and provide commentary on to ensure you can maximize the results of any outsourced IT lead generation..To join this webinar please dial the conference call number for the US and Canada: 1 712-432-2807 Enter the session ID: 029 587 104 Then point your browser to: join.mikogo.com Enter the session ID: 029 587 104