Picking Budget IT Services Marketing Is Like Walking Among Mines!

danger mines warning sign closeupToday there are more choices than every before for managed services providers to  conduct a low cost telemarketing campaign.  In fact, so many so that it can seem very alluring to try and spend less on your IT services marketing campaign. Many like this option so that they don’t risk too much capital trying to get their sales leads.  Does spending less for cold calling, so that you don’t risk losing money if it doesn’t work out really make sense?  What if you end up not getting any leads at all, not to mention any ROI?  There are so many horror stories out there from tech providers that waited over three months and didn’t end up getting any leads at all.  In fact, I often compare trying to pick a low budget IT call center to trying to walk through a mind field without blowing up!

What are some of the pitfalls to watch out for if you think that paying a phone center that specializes with marketing for managed services is just to expensive and finding a low cost solution might be a better option?  First you need to know who is going to actually be making the outbound calls on your behalf?  More importantly what type of training or experience do the agents have calling for computer consultants?

If You’re Not Careful, You Might Step On A Land Mine While Conducting Budget IT Lead Generation!

Stepping on a land mine means that you either didn’t get the leads you paid more or never got the ROI you expected from the campaign.  When you decide to go with a less expensive lead generation service then you have to realize that this means the callers will also be paid much less.  Depending on who actually ends performing the work, whether they are US based agents or offshore agents, the ones making  the calls could be getting paid significantly less.   Now when you think about the skill sets that it requires to talk with a CFO about their IT Support on their level and be persuasive and compelling enough to entice a busy executive to set a face-to-face meeting, do you really believe that can accomplished with low wage workers?  The answer, judging from the high number of computer consultants that have been burned by cheap telemarketing, is NO!

The next serious question that tech providers should ask themselves before going moving forward with the lowest paid work force is what type of training have they received?  Well just being ‘trained’ doesn’t mean you training correctly.  While I would assume most call centers perform some training, I know from experience it’s mostly corporate b.s. and never what they actually need to say to get prospects to say yes.  The biggest factor that causes me the most concern that most commonly the marketing firm will allow the computer business owner to provide the script or the direction for the campaign.  In this case I know most computer repair companies don’t know the right course to take and therefore unwittingly sabotage their own success.

Why waste precious time you can never get back and money going the cheapest route with the most limited possibility of success?  At least consider paying more to have a higher quality worker that is better trained and can get your IT sales leads faster?


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.