Don’t Wear Blinders When Conducting IT Lead Generation?

istock_000010672195xsmallBlinders have a purpose in horse racing,  you don’t want the horse to get distracted by it’s surroundings and lose sight of the finish line.  In business sometimes having a degree of tunnel vision or a very narrow focus can be beneficial.  However, wearing blinders can be enormously detrimental if you’re a computer business owner that is conducting an IT lead generation campaign.  Having a narrow focus in this situation could cause you to miss several major factors happening around you that might play a serious roll in the outcome of your campaign.  One of the biggest factors that you should be always kept abreast of on the periphery, would be watching the competition.  What they are doing with their IT model and marketing can affect you.

Always Keep An Eye On The Competition When Conducting IT Lead Generation Campaigns!

I commonly find that when I am promoting events to computer consultants that they have a very cavalier attitude.  They are just so focused on what they are doing with their own IT services model and marketing that they don’t want to take time out of their busy day to attend trade shows or meet with vendors etc…  This is what I would call having your blinders on and being totally oblivious to what other managed services providers are doing with their marketing for IT.

A recent example that highlights the importance of ‘making’ time to have these types of meetings happened on a recent trip.  I was meeting with two technology providers to conduct sales training, one of the consultants I was meeting with was a current client and the other was a prospect.  Through out my sales training with these two there begin a natural interaction where they started inquiring about each others marketing strategies and service models.  The prospect was really impressed with all the services that my client was including in their flat monthly fee like free servers, unlimited project work (including office moves), data backup etc…

In fact, he mentioned when he was about to leave that he had really learned far more from this meeting than he every imagined!  Really his horizons had been expanded when he realized what another tech provider was able to accomplish at lower cost simply because they had the vision and drive to achieve it.  The point of this article is that this is what escapes most IT business owners notice when they consider attending a conference or meeting with vendors.  Of course,  if you’re engaged in any marketing campaigns to get IT sales leads or technology sales leads then you must keep aware of whats going on in the industry so that you’re never not caught off guard!  So make up your mind to attend the next technology conference that comes your way, even if you have to juggle your calendar a bit to make it happen!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.