Do You Know Who Is Making Your IT Marketing Calls?

istock_000005290011xsmallWhen your favorite sports team hits the field normally, if you a fan, then you are hoping for a big victory on behalf of your city.  With all the coverage of the local sports team, no doubt you are aware of who the players are that will be on the starting line up.  However, imagine for a second that this was a total mystery and you had no idea who it was that was going to be representing your city in the sports game.  The team could hype up the team and how amazing they are but hire anyone off the street.  No matter how good the teams performance had been in the past, if you didn’t know who was going to be playing in the next game then all bets would be off.  However, this is exactly what many managed services providers do every day when they invest in IT services marketing without knowing who will actually be making their calls in the campaign.  I think this really focuses attention on the heart of the matter.  Technology telemarketing is about talent not how many hours you’ve purchased.  It’s also not about how cheap you can negotiate your contract or how much you can squeeze out of the IT marketing firm.

When Your Hiring Talent, Then You Want To Know Who’s Conducting Your IT Marketing!

I hear so often from computer business owners that they have bought a chunk of calling hours.  When I ask if they know who is actually going to be making IT sales leads calls on their behalf,  many simply aren’t aware.  I guess this stems from the belief that telemarketing is a commodity and that if you have enough ‘people’ making hundreds of calls that this will naturally lead to good quality appointments.  That would be like saying you could put any random 5 players on the basket ball court and expect a victory, ludicrous!  Obviously we know instinctively that talent and experience would be required of the 5 players on the basketball court.

Now when we discuss ‘knowing’ we are not talking about being introduced to a prospective calling agent on a conference call, but we are talking about listening in as they conduct IT lead generation on behalf of another computer consultant.  In this case you would know the capabilities of the representative that would be calling on your behalf.  The reason we bring this up is because MSP Telemarketing has begun offering that our potential clients will be able to listen in to one of our representatives so they can observe their skill and presentation abilities before deciding to utilize our services.  Many times our reps have been able to set technology sales leads while their calls are being monitored!  When this happens it’s very exciting because it becomes a known fact that our company will be able to deliver as promised!

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John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.