The Technology Bermuda Triangle For Lost IT Leads Campaigns!

istock_000011928300xsmall1We have all heard the stories of airplanes and boats disappearing in the Bermuda triangle under mysterious circumstances.  These stories have captivated our interest as many people continue trying to solve the mystery as to what is behind these bizarre disappearances.  There is another set of mysterious disappearances in the computer industry that all have a common link to marketing IT.  These disappearances also leave me scratching my head and wondering what uncanny forces might be the cause.  What we have seen go missing under strange circumstances is the renewal of successful technology sales leads campaigns.  Just like airplanes that are heading in the right direction on radar but then suddenly vanish, the same thing happens with IT telemarketing campaigns that make sales but never get renewed and you never hear from the computer business owners again.  I am calling these unexplained disappearances the IT services marketing Bermuda Triangle! 

Successful Technology Sales Leads Campaigns Have Been Vanishing Under Strange Circumstances!

Normally, when you have attained the goal you were seeking from an IT lead generation by getting a closed managed services contract signed, then you would assume that renewing your campaign so you can repeat your success would be the natural thing to do.  However, we have seen some of our campaigns that turned out amazing results end with never hearing from the tech firm again.  This phenomenon has a striking resemblance to the planes and boats that have gone missing over the Bermuda Triangle.

While there might be some speculation about what is be behind these disappearances, the real causes seems to be nebulous.  Perhaps, the these tech companies changed coarse and decided to sell something other than managed services or ran out of capital to continue marketing IT.  Some might speculate that they might have shopped around for a less expensive  IT sales leads campaign.  However, that would be like playing Russian roulette since the vast majority for call centers aren’t even able to get the leads in the first place much less a sold agreement.  I guess we might not ever be about to figure out the reason and this will continue to be an unexplained mystery.

We can recommend that when you to find an IT marketing consulting firm that can deliver the appointments and an ROI that you double down and keep your campaign rolling.  Just make sure you don’t allow it to end up the the Technology Bermuda Triangle of lost sales campaigns.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.