We Now Offer A Paint-By-Numbers IT Sales Training Service!

Painter palette isolated over a white background.If you’re not a naturally talented artist then attempting to paint a masterpiece might turn into a complete disaster. However, if you really had a burning desire to paint something that would turn out well, then you might have turned to a paint-by-the-numbers or even a connect the dots picture.  Of course, these types of pictures can make it pretty easy for even the most challenged painters to churn out a  masterpiece.  Now there is another talent that many computer business owners readily admit that is something that doesn’t come naturally to them, sales and marketing abilities.  If you’re a computer consultant that is looking to have a ‘masterpiece’ of a sales year, then we are glad to announce our paint-by-the-numbers sales presentation just for it services marketing!Now You Can Market With Our ‘Sale-By-Number’ Presentation!

The question is why would many managed services providers need a paint-by-numbers sales presentation?  Many of these right brained techs have sold plenty of deals themselves and for every consultant that knows they are not a sales person there are others that feel they are great sales people.  In fact many have built up successful computer support business.  However, mainly this has been been by selling the ‘low hanging fruit’  type of IT sales leads.  These are the prospects that come from the Internet and referrals who have pain and need.

The reason that additional sales training might be required is because the path to additional sales won’t come the leads that your getting already from the Internet and referrals.  These new sales will come from cold called leads that IT lead generation can churn up by setting appointment with businesses that don’t have a ‘top of mind’ need but agree that they keep their options open.  These type of opportunities require additional sales techniques!  In fact most telemarketing campaigns are doomed from the start unless you change your sales tactics.

Essentially we have not tried to start from sales 101 to teach fundamentals, but rather we have designed a presentation where we can teach you what to say at every slide,  which questions you can ask, illustrations you can employ and even props you can use to add a flair of the dramatic.  Check out this awesome testimonial we received from a computer consultant in San Antonio that sat through our entire training session.  To date we have been bundling this sales training along with our technology sales leads campaigns.

Right now there is a unique opportunity so see this entire presentation on exactly how to sell managed services 2.0 that is coming up on April 1st in Dallas, TX [Model 2.0 Drives Marketing] .  We are hosting an event and I will be allowing all attendees the chance to see this presentation in full!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.