How Might IT Services Marketing Be Like The Family Doctor?

Writing a prescription or medical examination notesMost families have a trusted Doctor that they take their family to for every medical issue that arises.  Many times people will just go to one doctor for most of their lives.  Of course, he wears a ‘white coat’ which  means that most people will take his word about their medical conditions without every getting a second opinion, especially if they have trusted him their whole life.    However, what if this Doctor graduated from medical school over 40 years ago and doesn’t keep up with the latest advances  in medical techniques and practices.  This means that the medical advice he gives might not be the very best that could help his patients.   In fact,  you might say he is blocking the benefits that research and progress might bring to his patience.  How might this apply to computer business owners with their IT services marketing?With IT Services Marketing Don’t Block Progress Like An Out Of Touch Doctor!

In my experience dealing with both computer consultants and end users, I have realized that a very similar bond exist between them and the one that exist between the  family doctor and their patients.  Business end users don’t understand the computers that run their business; but realize the crucial role they play.  Therefore, when a computer services provider becomes the trusted advisor to a business, this is when that bond begins to form where they trust the advise they get to the point that they stop getting second opinions.

Now the danger begins to form when a business puts all their trust in the the advice of just one technician.  The fact is that most computer repairs firms and especially one-man-shows don’t want to research industry progress and technology advancements.  Even though it seems like a complete paradox where the techs themselves are sitting on or blocking putting into practice technology advancements that could help their business clients save time and money.  This is exactly the situation that exits in most regions of the US and Canada.

However, computer consultants don’t wear a ‘white coat’ and while more and more patients are coming to the realization that they need to get a second opinion, computer end users should do the same.  If businesses always shopped the advice the received on technology issues then it would keep their existing techs on their ‘toes’.  They would have to start keeping up with the lastest  industry standards and best practices.  If you’re a managed services provider then don’t block the technology changes that could benefit your customers!  Instead adopt the cutting edge technology and make sure your sales and marketing efforts are helping to educate your local business community.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.