How Is The MSP Model 1.0 vs. 2.0 Like A Weight Loss Photo?

istock_000014305136xsmall4We have all seen the late night infomercials where the slick salesman is marketing the prefect weight lose product that will help you lose weight.  Of course, these claims are always backed up with amazing before and after photos where someone that weighed 400 pounds is now a skinny model.  I have always been amazed by these dramatic photos and how persuasive they are but have been disappointed by how few opportunities there are to have a great before and after pictures when selling complicated services like managed services.  I was excited when something happened the other day in our IT call center that I think could actually be a great ‘before and after story’ that might be just as good as photo opportunity with a skinny model holding up those huge pants.  This is something that will demonstrate the difference between the 1.0 model and the 2.0 model!

I was listening in on a call  that one of our IT telemarketing agents was making on behalf of  one of our computer consultant clients.   Our agent was able to make contact with the CFO at the prospect office and start into the basic 1.0 MSP pitch by describing how proactive our client could be and the benefits of having a flat fee vs. the per hour model.  The CFO listened to some of this sales message then abruptly hung up.   I ran over to this agents desk as soon as the call had ended, because he had been calling on behalf of a computer business that had switched to the 2.0 MSP Model and our agent had failed to deliver that message.  Of course, the call ended up badly but the reason was not clear and I wanted to figure out exactly what had happened and the reason the prospect hung up.

So I decided it would be prudent to immediately call this CFO back so we could make sure he heard the 2.0 message and see if he would hang up on that concept.  This was almost like a test case where we were going to be conducting research in a lab.  I dialed the prospect’s number again and was able to get transferred to this CFO line…  I was surprised that he actually took the second call!  I quickly apologized for calling back after he had hung up but wanted to explain why it was so important that I did call him back.  This is when I proposed that he was opened minded but had hung up on our agent because he  had been pitching something that he knew already.  This is when he agreed with me and so I proceeded to pitch him something that he wasn’t familiar with and he actually set up a meeting.

I think the results from this unscientific study on one of our IT sales leads are crystal clear.  This is also a great mental before and after photo where we pitched the 1.0 model got hung up one and then called and pitch the 2.0 model and secured an appointment.  If you’re a computer services provider that is still marketing the 1.o managed service model then you’re more likely to get hung up on because this message has reached the saturation point.  However, if you’re a computer business that is innovative enough to update to the 2.0 model, then this message will still arouse curiosity and you will have a much easier time conducting your IT services marketing.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.