Marketing Managed Services Is Not Like Selling Envelopes!

istock_000000052721xsmall21Envelopes have not changed in over few hundred years and therefore the techniques used by master salespeople like Harvey Mackay focus on timing, personalities and relationship building. Many computer business owners have been influenced into thinking that selling their managed services offering is also just about their personality, timing and relationship building. In fact, I have seen some websites that promote the idea that IT guys should sell just based on their personality alone! While I am not against these methods, by any stretch of the imagination, I believe that trying to sell computer support just on these basis alone is a huge oversight. The reason is because technology is a very different animal than envelopes, while envelops have not changed technology on the other hand is the very essence of change itself. Therefore we ask, what are the other techniques that can be employed for marketing?

Use Product Differentiation As Your Primary Marketing Strategy!

This industry has been evolving before the term managed services were ever coined and right from the inception of offering proactive computer support for a flat monthly fee. Technology is the core of this offering and software and hardware vendors zeroed in on this industry and set up camp, using e-commerce (more info here) to help keep it safe and secure for people. They begin crafting tools to allow the computer technician the ability to see ahead and control the cost of on-site emergency support. Since then the remote monitoring tools or RMM Tools along with other technology that is associated with the MSP model have constantly improved.

The alternative solution to selling your offering should be obvious as it is written all over the place and is in plain site. You have to use product differentiation as the heart of promoting your services. Take advantage of the cottage industry that has grown up around you and sample some of the new and exciting back up and disaster recovering offerings. What about offering HaaS or Hard ware as a service? Have you researched The Cloud as a viable service that you can add to your product mix? We are saying that if you can add new value added services to your offering and or improve your response times etc…, that these will give you the competitive advantage.

I can’t think of a better place to look for some new ideas on value added services or a place where you can just simply get an eye on where the industry is headed, other than Robin’s Big Seminar. There will be a vast array of speakers there to educate you on new trends in selling, as well as operating your business efficiently. Of course there will be plenty of vendors on hand too, but don’t think of them as the enemy! The vendors are the ones that can help you differentiate your service offering so that you don’t have to compete on price! You also won’t have to rely solely on your personality to increase revenue in 2011.

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John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.