Looking for More IT Sales Leads In Pain Is Like Chasing A Mirage!

istock_000003178474xsmall1Imagine you’re lost in a scorching desert and your mouth is bone dry as the sun beats down on you.  All you can think about is getting some water when suddenly the heat exhaustion over comes you to the point that you begin to hallucinate a beautiful Oasis off in the distant sand dunes.  You race over to the Oasis and begin to excitedly ‘splash’ water into your mouth until you realize, as you choke on sand, that this was just a mirage.  This is very similar to what managed services providers often experience as they search for more IT sales leads that have pain through various marketing strategies.  Most business owners don’t realize that there isn’t more prospects that have become fed up with their existing technology services, until after that conducted extensive search campaigns.  Some computer consultants are still chasing after this Mirage.

Don’t direct your telemarketing staff or IT lead generation team to target prospect that have existing needs or points of pain.  This is the exact thought that most computer consultants have because they normally get most of their sales leads from either referrals or from the Internet.  The majority of these type of opportunities could be described as warm to hot leads because they have become fed up with their current IT support and are looking for someone that can solve a specific point of pain.  Most technology providers have a high close ratio on these types of leads and therefore they image that there must simply be more prospects out there; but that they just aren’t finding them.

The mirage that we or talking about that leads many to believe that there has to be more end users in their local IT market, that do have pain or are searching for a better solutions, is the data from google analytics.  When you are conducting your research for SEO marketing and you search for the best key words to target, the data shows that there are 100’s or 1000’s of people searching many of the top key words.  This data is misleading and if the number of technology sales leads are drying up and you feel like you’re in a desert, then you might start running after these thousands for prospects that you now believe are looking for IT support every month.

This data is misleading because the thousands of vendors that are struggling to get top ranked on certain key words will search that key word on a regular basis to see where they are currently ranked.  All this search traffic inflates the real numbers that would show how many end users really are looking for computer support each month. Don’t be mislead by this data and follow this mirage that leads no where.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.