Don’t View Change Like The Highway Department!

istock_000007330856small1Computer business owners shouldn’t have the same view of change that the Highway Department does!  We couldn’t say that the Highway Dept. is exactly proactive when it comes to predicating problems that could cause the loss of human life.  When it comes to issues like obstructions to the visibility of warning signs or problems with streets that have no barriers between them etc…  What exactly is the view shared by most Highway Departments?  They wait for the dead bodies to pile up and then they send out an engineer to study the situation to see if they can make changes that will increase the safety of the roadways.  Many IT professionals view changes to their services delivery model the same way as the Highway Department.  They wait for the ‘dead bodies’ to pile up also, meaning they will wait for the loss of market share before they change.  

The parallel is that most computer consultants have the exact same view to change as the Highway department does.  They will stick with an old model until it runs into the ground and wait until they lose a big share of their clients before they even begin to think about doing something different with their service offering.  This was true when managed services first became a phrase that was adopted by the industry to describe offering a flat fee for unlimited on site support.  By far most IT providers rejected adopting this change because they were terrified they would lose money.  Needless to say it took almost 10 years for most technology firms to change to that model.

Now the industry is once again faced with saturation on the 1.0 managed services model and the need for change is now hanging over the industry leaders collective heads.  Don’t follow in the same path as before, now is the time to not only have a proactive support plan but to also be proactive when it comes to evolving your services model.  There is a direct connection between your model and your IT services marketing.  When you improve the services delivery system and sweeten your offer, then this will boost your IT sales leads.

Of course the debate that is raging now is whether the industry will evolve towards the  cloud or if hardware-as-service will dominate the next 10 years.  Don’t use the debate as an excuse to wait and see what shacks out.  If you fail to pick a side and do nothing to innovate and evolve, then you might risk getting ‘run over’ by the industry!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.