Don’t Let Personal Tragedy Destroy Your IT Marketing Efforts!


We have all heard the expression, “close only counts with hand grenades and horseshoes“.  This means that just getting close to your goal but not fully reaching it doesn’t really count as success.  Of course this is something we should all know by now and we probably learned this in grade school along with the expression above.  However, this is one area where we do need constant reminders, because there are times when this basic logic seems to go right out the window.  I remember the stressful time after 9/11, of course it was a tragedy; but was this any reason to stop conducting all business and cause a second tragedy by putting  all the people out of work who were depending on the continuance of commerce?  The real question is how does this apply to computer business owners that are trying to grow through marketing IT efforts?

I remember the time after 9/11 very vividly because I was one of the ones who was laid off because people just stopped doing business after that event.  I believe that for many people tragedy is one of the things left where we all give both ourselves and others a pass to shut down all activities.  Generally I think for many people they are in a situation where this might not be destructive.  However, there are other people with responsibilities that simply can’t afford to allow tragedy to shut their business activities down.

If you’re a computer consultant that has invested a large sum of money and time into an IT lead generation campaign and are suddenly struck with some terrible news that a loved one has passed away or someone close has been stuck with a sickness.  Perhaps some might even receive news during this marketing efforts that their marriage is in trouble.  The million dollar question that we are asking is what should be done with the time and effort you have invested in your business?

If we take the traditional response then we would completely shut down, stop taking phone calls and not follow up on important IT sales leads.  If you’re already rich and have enough clients, then perhaps this is a luxury you can afford.   However, if you have placed your last ‘seed’ money in this campaign, then I believe that you should make every effort to follow though on your IT services marketing.  Of course, if you need to attend a funeral, visit someone in the hospital or meet with attorneys you can reschedule some of your meetings.  But we highly recommend that you dust your shelf off and get right back on your horse and follow through!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.