What Should You Do When The Fish Aren’t Bitting On Your Bait?

Float, fishing line and hook underwater verticalWhat should you do when you’re out fishing and after a few hours you can see the fish in the water swimming around your bait but they’re not biting on your line?  Hopefully you didn’t answer that you should wait the rest of the day to see if the fish might decide to bite on your line.  Of course I had this exact situation happen to me when I lived in the country and had my own pond.  I had the best bait that was recommended by a local fishing expert for catching catfish!  I had my line in the shallow part of the pond and could literally see Large catfish swimming around my bait for hours and never touched it. My first tactic was to just wait it out and of course this failed miserable.  Later on I decided to change my bait until I found something the catfish in my pond would bite on.  After trying various types of bait I ended up putting dog food on my hook and not only did the fish bite, but I started catching some good sized catfish!  How about the large managed services prospects swimming around in your local market?  If you haven’t caught any type of these leads through your IT sales process yet, then have you decided to change your it services marketing bait on your hook?

Change The Bait On Your Marketing Hook!

What is the bait that we are talking about which computer business owners are still putting on their hooks?  Most IT companies are still putting the 1.o msp services on their hooks, however the market has gotten saturated by all the companies that are jumping into this business, like telecoms who are now adopting the 1.0 msp model.  Of course there are lots of break fix companies that have been standing on the sidelines and are also jumping into industry as well.  Of course they are also beginning their marketing with the 1.0 msp model.  Most end user companies have now either heard of the 1.0 msp model or they have already signed up with another computer consultant.

Recently a computer services company called to inquire about our IT Telemarketing services and we advised that they should change their model slightly before we could start a marketing campaign for them.  They ended up signing up for an IT lead generation campaign with a competitor that was happy to try to market their existing 1.0 model.  When they finally called us back they reported that they got their IT sales leads but none of them turned in to sales.  This was most likely because they were fishing for leads with bait that the fish are tired of ‘hearing’ about.  In fact we have been hearing the same reports from other technology companies that had other failed marketing campaigns with our competitors.

We have been telling managed services providers that they should change their marketing strategy by changing their model for about a year now.  Of course none of the companies that we have pitched have been listening to us, until now!  Recently, right in the middle of a current telemarketing campaign, with a client that didn’t change their model, we started running into the same problems.  The technology sales leads we were giving them were not leading anywhere but they were good prospects.  So when I got a conference call with this computer consultant, then I asked him the question from this blog, “If the fish aren’t biting on what we are offering them, then what should be do?” His answer surprised me as he responded, “You should change the bait.”

I was was shocked to hear him agree with my assessment, but I think it might have been a paradigm shift moment for him.  I can report that he has started to change his model along with several other of our current customers, who have also started to listen to our message.  Hopefully since the first domino has fallen then this can start a chain reaction that will reverberate through the whole industry!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.