How To Look Bigger Than Dell’s Managed Services Offering!

imagesThe other day I was perusing managed services websites, looking for some great marketing ideas, when I stumbled on Dell’s websites for selling computer consulting services directly to the end user.  That’s when I thought I could get some amazing ideas from this multimillion dollar corporation.  However, after I took a second and third look at their website I realized I had seen many of the pictures they were using on tons of other computer repair websites.  I also saw a few other common mistakes in their approach to selling proactive technology services in addition to using plain common photos used by every other IT company.  This was such a glaring mistake that I couldn’t get over it, so I kept wondering how such a large successful company could have put together such a bland website.  So I put this question out there,  “How can you look bigger than Dell?”

I had assumed that such successful company would have the resources to hire actors and stage their very own photo shoot to show off their large facilities and huge staff that is behind their website.  After all when I glanced at their site I couldn’t tell that they were any different that any other standard run-of-the-mill managed services provider.  Of course it might have been a case of being over confident in the weight of their name.  I can image a great marketing person coming in to one of Dell’s executives offices planning the photo shoot etc… and the Executive replying, “We don’t need all that just slap up the Dell Name and were good to go.”

Years ago I was in the security industry and I heard stories of AT & T foray into marketing security systems.  I remember the story very clearly, the Regional manager was relating the AT & T representatives sales pitch to get his distribution company to offer their systems.  He said that every-time he asked question about the features or prices that the salesman all ways came back with the same answer.  He would say, ” I have three letters to answers that question, ‘A’  ‘T’  ‘T’…”   His arrogance was that nothing matter but the name on the system!

So here is the answer to how you can look bigger than Dell marketing efforts.  You need to evaluate your own facilities and staff and if your have a huge staff and nice offices then stage your own photo shoot with real employees for you website!  If you don’t have all that, them try to fake-it-till-you-make-it.  Get access to a virtual office and get friends or get temporary workers to stage a photo shoot with you!  Do what Dell’s overconfidence stopped them from doing!  This will help you with IT lead generation and IT sales leads.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.