Does Your IT Lead Generation Feel Like Vulture Marketing?

If you’re a Vulture Perched on an Edgecomputer business owner then most likely your ideal prospect is someone that already has a specific need in their business.  This could be someone that has become feed up with the response time of their current computer consultant or perhaps is no longer happy with the skill sets of their in-house IT employee.    These type of leads are perfect targets for marketing to because it’s fairly easy to isolate the issue that you can focus your presentation on and then easily close by asking that if you can solve this issue then will they become one of your customers.  At this point for many readers the harmonious music is playing in the background as I am hitting all the perfect notes that you agree with.  However, here is where that music comes to a screeching halt, because while these are the prefect prospects the reality is that they are almost as rare as the dodo birds!  This type of IT services marketing is more like a vulture hanging around on a tree waiting for a prospect’s computer support to die!

There are many computer consultant that really track a heard of prospects and hang around until their current IT services die.  Then they swoop down and start feeding on the dead carcass.  I am not saying this is a complete waste of time as the techniques feeds the vultures, but I am questioning if this is really the best path to reach millions of dollars in recurring revenue.  After all even when an outsider looking in on a businesses technology support can see that it’s broken and falling apart the owners of the business still have the attitude that it’s better to have the devil you know rather that a devil you don’t know.  Fear paralyzes them from taking any action that could improve their situation and what compounds the problem is that technical issues come is waves or spikes normally and so there is plenty of time between spikes for the owners to forget about all the hassles they had last time.  Then they just talk themselves right back in love with their current tech solution.

Now if we look to the Madison Avenue crowd where the Conglomerates are racking in Billions we can see they are not using vulture marketing.  Frankly these corporations would go out of business if they waited for consumers to develop a ‘need’.  Car manufactures don’t wait until your old clunker falls apart to try selling you on the latest model.  They start to putting pressure to buy a new car right after the one year anniversary from when you bought you current car.  They change the bodies styles so often that you ‘have’ to keep buying new cars to keep up with the Jones.  Look at the Fashion industry.  They don’t wait till you outgrow your clothes to keep marketing or else they would all be paupers.  They change their styles almost every year and keep the pressure up on TV Shows and Movies to convince everyone they need to keep buying new clothes they don’t ‘need’ but rather ‘want’.

My thought is that if Madison Avenue can do it then why should resort to vulture marketing when you can start IT lead generation and create wants in your sales and marketing in prospects.  Then instead of waiting around for the few IT sales leads that drip in as slow as molasses you could open the flood gates!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.