Is There A Secret To Making IT Sales with CIO’s?

istock_000000216159xsmallJust about every computer business owner I have ever dealt with on their technology sales leads campaign has complained about getting appointments with IT Directors.  Normally the main concern they raise is that the Computer Manager can’t make the decision, so they feel these meetings are a waist of time.  However, we have set enough marketing meetings with IT Manager who ended up buying server management,  that we know this can’t be the main issue.  The real issue is that the Tech Manager is fearful that he/she is going to lose their job if  they outsource even a tiny bit of their workload.  This fear is based in reality, as many firms ended up outsourcing all their IT staff after they just begin contracting with a technology firm to just take care of  projects or the servers in the beginning.  The Question should be, “How can we sell the CIO executive?”

The first step for successfully selling the IT guy is to recognize that the real issue is the paranoia of the IT guy.  As they say, when you’re in denial you won’t be able to rectify this true cause.   Once you realize this, then you will be able to make the right adjustments in your presentation to solve the problem.

If the IT guy is so paranoid about losing his job, then what will he think when he sees info in your slide show about total outsourcing or  if you happen let that phrase drop in your presentation.  This is a real issue because most of the computer consultants I have done IT services marketing training with, have used the same presentation for selling both the CFO as well as the IT director.  This means that there are sections in their presentation that talk blatantly about total outsourcing…  Make sure you have developed a separate presentation that’s tailored just for IT people!

Perhaps the most fundamental issue that underlies most of the challenges managed services providers have faced is that they are not convinced that just selling server management as a stand alone feature will be profitable.  This leads to two problems,  since they don’t really want these type of sales leads in the first place, they tend to sabotage their own marketing efforts.  This attitude is what I call a self fulfilling prophecy whey they wreck all their technology sales leads.

The second issue that is caused by this same attitude,  since they don’t really want the business for server management, is that they are really sitting there salivating for the IT guy’s job.  After all the computer consultant is there to sell server management and data backup, but in their heart of hearts they don’t ‘just’ want that business.  What this means is that when they say, “we don’t want your job”, that it’s really not the whole truth.

With the paranoia of the IT director being at a fever pitch they can smell an untruth just like a hound dog.  Since most communication is non verbal this means that the truth about how you feel is ‘written all over your face’.  The bottom line is that your professions of being satisfied with just helping the IT guy out rings hollow.  So if you want to increase your revenue, convince yourself you can profit by selling the IT guy server management and don’t sabotage your efforts.  If you take this advice then one day you will truly get excited when your IT lead generation efforts sets an appointment with the IT director!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.