MSP Telemarketing Partners With GMS Live Expert’s Help Desk!

Happy call center employees with headsetI was at the computer business CompTIA show and as it was winding down a gentleman sat at my booth, Wayne Goldstein from GMS Live Expert, who said he wanted us to promote his help desk services.  I had two question for him, “What is your response time and do you include limited training in your help desk service?” His answers were the best I heard since I had been searching for the ultimate help desk service over the last 10 years.  However, we are skipping the real question, “Why should a managed services provider ever think about outsourcing their help desk?” MSP Telemarketing is now proud to announce that we have partnered with GMS live Expert to promote their marketing offering.  What was their response time and do they include limited training in their solutions?

When you raise the issue of outsourcing help desk to your average consultant, then get ready for an avalanche of rationalizations and excuses why they can’t and their client would revolt.  However, I just got back from a trip to Houston and met with a computer services provider who had a nice office and a handful of employees.  At first I thought he was a small managed services provider until he told me he had outsourced his help desk and that he used to have a larger office with more employees.  When he told me this it finally dawned on me why so many IT guys don’t want to outsource their help desk…  They are empire building.  This is a term used by process management firms to describe middle managers that hire way more employees in their division than they really need.  I am thinking that perhaps many technology providers are judging success by how many people that are employing.  I like Gary Pica’s “Measure of Success” a lot more, How Much Money is In Your Bank Account After Taxes.  On that note, the computer consultant I met in Houston had a lot more money in his bank account since he had less employees and more clients after he outsourced his help desk.  Now he is going to transfer some of his savings back into his marketing budget for technology sales leads.

I think those are good reasons to consider outsourcing your help desk but, which company should you consider?  Well back to the introduction, Wayne did answer the two main questions that I asked him.  First the told me the response time was 30 seconds to reach an agent on the phone and 7 seconds to reach a chat agent.  Then when he answered the next question I almost fell out of may chair because he told me that his company did include limited training calls in their help desk services.  This is a big deal because I never heard of any other help desk company that would include limited training in their offer.  Normally they run for the hill if you even mention the word ‘training’ because the fell they may lose their shirts if they offered that for a flat fee.

You have to realize that if so many IT help desk companies don’t want to offer limited training that it’s got to be a HUGE value to be able to say that your Help Desk can offering limited training.  The reality is that the majority of issues that end users have are not knowing how to use all the features of their software weather it’s the new version of windows or any other software they use.  If you can offer a limited training help desk in your IT services marketing,  then you should be able to explode your clients productivity.

So if you decide to outsource your help desk then you will be able to sell more because you will have a better offer and better response time.  Also, you should save enough money by outsourcing that you should be able to budget more money in 2011 for IT lead generation or IT sales leads.  If you want to check out GMS Live Experts then click on their banner on the home page of MSP Telemarketing.  Make sure to tell them you heard about their offer from our blog!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.