Make IT Sales Agreements Easy For Prospects To Sign!

Aspirin BottleI woke up one night with a debilitating headache and went scrambling into the medicine cabinet looking for some Aspirin.  After ruffling through different bottles I finally grabbed the Aspirin.  It wasn’t a brand that I was familiar with so I needed to look for the direction to make sure I was going to take the right amount.   With my headache pounding so bad I can barely see straight, I begun to search the bottle for the directions.  This particular brand had a fold out ‘tiny’ print brochure that was incomprehensible and made it very difficult to find the directions .  It was at this moment that I thought, “Aren’t the directions the most important thing that 90% of the people reading this want to know?”  To add insult to injury we can safely assume that the majority of the people trying to search for the directions have a headache like myself.  Next I wondered why the Aspirin manufacturers hadn’t decided to make the directions the largest writing and in bold and prominently displayed to make it easier to find?   How could my late night headache possible help computer business owners who are marketing IT services?  Also you might ask yourself what could this possibly have to do with improving my marketing agreements?

Sometimes computer services firms forget that their agreements are also marketing tools.  As a result many are clunky, hard to read and don’t make it easy for the prospect to quickly find the information they are looking for.  One of the biggest mistakes I have seen is simply having agreements that are too long.  If an agreement is excessively long then it almost forces your prospect to have an attorney review before they could ever sign.  This could become a serious road block to closing the sale and throw off your ROI from your IT lead generation.

In addition, if your prospect isn’t familiar with your agreement, to some extent, before you leave their offices then chances of them taking time to go through it drop dramatically.  So to combat this trend make sure that, in one of your sales meetings, you pull out the agreement and briefly point out some of the key provisions.  This way they are more familiar with your marketing agreement and are far more likely to sign it.

Finally the most important lesson we can draw from my experience is that managed services providers need to look at the top three or four key marketing provision in their agreements and make those in BOLD, LARGER  PRINT AND prominently DISPLAYED. One  good clause that should get this treatment in your agreement is the ‘money back guarantee’.  If you offer an money back guarantee then this is the single most important that your prospect will be looking for.  So make sure you review the agreement with them and point out that you have a money back guarantee in your contract.  When it’s Big and Bold then they will know your serious!

Make sure you review your marketing agreements because it’s the crucial final step necessary to close your IT sales leads!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.