It Takes A State-Of-The-Art Managed Services Model To Make Millions!

istock_000009438341xsmall1I used this plain dull picture to the right for a very specific  reason! I have seen this pic on tons of managed services providers websites and I think it illustrates exactly the point I will be trying to bring out in this blog.  The reality is that the market is becoming over saturated with computer consultants offering the exact same model.  The chant of being proactive has just become background ‘noise’ as every other technology provider has joined this marketing chorus.   The problem is that most IT firms would rather have a hole in their heads before even thinking about evolving their model.  This problem is compounded when you realize that they are all getting marketing advice from the same advisers, so when they do try to differentiate they just end up barely keeping up.  Therefore how could you possibly increase your market share dramatically enough to make Millions with the exact same offer everybody else has?

What if you’re not a ‘true believer’ that market differentiation can lead you to the path of success?  Let’s play devils advocate and see if we can find something else that could make the difference?  With the majority of the market being exposed to the managed services 1.0 offering, this means that the majority of the market has either heard the offer and signed up with another MSP or are still standing on the sidelines because they didn’t see the value in the 1.0 proposal.  This means that what you’re hoping for is to find the few IT sales leads that are a needle-in-the -hay-stack prospects who haven’t heard about the 1.0 offering yet and will still get excited.  The other possibility is that you are 1000% better at delivering the 1.0 managed services offering than any other computer services provider.  In the second case, the only way they could really ever know if you’re 1000% better at the 1.0 model is if they were convinced to bite on your offer in the first place and experienced it for themselves.  Of-course this is a circular argument because getting them to switch is the crux of the issue we are discussing.

The reality is that if you really want to shake up the computer repair market with IT Lead generation then you’re going to have to make market shacking changes to your model.  Let’s go through some of the things that many computer services professionals have tried to ‘spice up’ their model with…  How about CIO meetings?  In this saturated market every new trunk slammer is  paying lip service to that and adds it in their marketing as another benefit.  What about vendor management, could that be the magic feature to sweeten up your it services marketing offer?  If your IT firm is not yet offering vendor management then you better hurry up and add it quick.  The Buzz is all around HAAS, so could it be the holy grail? If you’ve tried pricing out all new hardware to your clients, then you know it raises the cost so high that it’s hard to say with a strait face that it’s at no extra charge.  However, if you try to sell it as an extra feature then you just going to end up raising more question than closing sales.

No matter what individual features we throw out, the most important thing is that you realize the direct connection between adding features and increasing your revenue with IT services marketing.  The key is that you strike the right balance between adding enough extra features that resonate with end users, but not too many that you give away the farm and go out of business.  If you have every tried technology sales leads with any success at all, then image what results you would have gotten if you had made an even better offer?  Oh yeah, make sure to change up those old pics on your website that everybody else is using.  More on that in upcoming posts…