How To Make $1,170,000.00 In 2011 With IT Services Marketing!

istock_000013644242xsmallAre you a managed services provider that is looking at the calendar, as the end of the year approaches and is wondering what your marketing plan and sales goal should be in 2011?  Recently I was calling on computer consultants in San Diego and had the privilege to meet with a IT business owner that was so passionately  focused on his sales goal that he didn’t need any time to think before he answered the same question.  He told me his goal was to sell over 1,000,000.00 in 2011.  However, he had tried to achieve this goal in 2010 but had failed…  He related many of the things he had tried and it was clear that he was very serious about reaching this goal.  So the question he asked me was how could he sell more than 1,000,000.00 next year?  After leaving, this question stayed with me until the answer came to me on my flight to Philadelphia.  So the Question I will answers is, “How can you make $1,170,000.00 in 2011 with It services marketing?

The most fundamental piece of the puzzle that you would need to meet this monumental goal would be to have enough prospects.  Of course you don’t need to be a rocket science to see this point.  Therefore,  it’s the most obvious piece of the puzzle that the majority of technology providers are busy trying to decipher.  One of the most popular tactics is to try SEO marketing or Pay Per Click.  There is nothing wrong with getting a great lead from the Internet that is just looking for what you sell and is ready to make a decision.  However the down side is that no matter how top ranked you may get on tons of key words, it will never give you enough consistent leads to get Millions.  The true answer is to have either an effective in-house IT telemarketing team or a great outsourced IT sales leads team.

How many IT sales leads will you need to meet this financial goal?  To establish this we will need to identify two important issues first, what the average sale will be and what percentage of sales closes will be possible.  In my experience the reality of what you should expect to close from technology sales leads that were cold called is that the percentage is much lower than either Internet leads or referrals.  If you have some of the other elements we will discuss in upcoming blog post, then I believe that  20% would be a safe number to work with.  In terms of what the average monthly reoccurring sale that you should expect from an IT lead generation campaign would be around $2,500.00.

With these factors established we can plan that by getting around 30 technology sales leads each month that you should close 20% with an average sale being that of around $2,500.  This is the basic blue print of what a marketing plan to make over a Million Dollars in 2011 would look like.  Hopefully this information will be helpful as you work on your own technology marketing plans and try to draft your sales goals.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.