There Is A Reason Looking for IT Leads Is Called Prospecting!


Recently, I took a call from a computer consultant that was telling me that all his IT Sales leads should turn into a proposals.  Then the conversation changed direction and this computer business owner basically told me he would love to just get the one lead that turns into a customer.  This is an attitude that I have found that most IT providers seem to have and this is why I wanted to bring this issue up.  Of course, I would agree that it would be awesome if you could just get one lead from telemarketing and have it turn into a sale.  This is what many techs have in place from their referrals.  The only problem is that referrals only drip in like molasses and you can’t grow your business dramatically by just feeding it with referrals.  So if IT lead generation  is the primary way that an MSP should grow their business then what should they expect from their campaign?  What they should expect is that growing their business is not going to be easy because they are going to have to become prospectors.  Prospectors had to dip their pan in the river and dump it out and search diligently to see if there was any gold dust or nuggets in their find.  Of course, they had to repeat this over and over again as it was rare to find gold.

Now some readers out there are probably asking them self, “Isn’t it the job of the telemarketing firm to do all the prospecting?”  If that were true then it would mean that the marketing company would be the ones to dip their pan in the river and then dump it out and go through the pebbles and rocks until they found the gold nugget.  Finally, after finding the gold nugget they would just hand it over to the computer consulting firm so they could add to their treasure.   Now after I have laid out this with a visual explanation, you’ll probably starting to see that if the IT lead generation firm could find the gold nugget, then why in the world would they turn it over to the managed services provider?

The reality is that the technology sales leads are not the gold nuggets themselves but they are really the pan of rocks that the computer services firm pays to go through to see if they can find a sale/gold!  The telemarketing firm can’t tell if any of their leads are going to turn into a sale, unless they ran the appointment themselves.  There is no way to get completely rid of the hard work of prospecting for it services customers through marketing.  Of course you can outsource the DIRTY part of the job, which is getting out in the river and dipping your pan in the river over and over again all day long.

Marketing IT services is not easy!  If you’re going to grow your business and become a millionaire then you can’t just sit around and wait for sales to fall into your lap.  You are going to have to do some hard sales work and go out there and see a lot of prospects until you turn some of them into customers.  The good news is that the reward for all this hard work is that your new customers are going to keep paying you month after month for at least 3 to five years.  This new revenue stream could allow you to sit back and enjoy your business and allow it to drive you instead of you doing all the hard work driving your business for a change.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.