I Call For The Death Of The Mythical IT Sales Close!

istock_000005617042xsmall1One day, at a company I used to work for years ago, I bumped into one of the salesmen who was getting ready to go on of his closing sales leads.   While I was asking him some details about this potential sale, he let me know he had his ‘closing’ suit on and that he was going to use a certain ‘close’ to get the prospect to sign the agreement.  This is something I have even heard from IT salesmen… they have all these different closes.  They have even categorized them like the three question close, the alternative close, assumptive close etc…  While there might be some benefit to these tactics I think it takes the focus off what is most important and it has caused these closes to take on a mythical status. What is the most important element that a computer business owner should focus their attention on to close a technology marketing opportunity?

The ABC Of Sales, Always Be Closing!

If the close is not the most important aspect of the sales process then what is?  In my view sales is exactly that a process where each step is just as crucial as the next in the over all process.  I have often referred to this process as buttoning up the sale…each button is closed in order until you reach the last button.  One button is not more important than the other!

From my point of view each step in the sales process is crucial to get ‘buy in’ from your prospect along the way.  The key is to really be observant to both the spoken and unspoken signals the prospect is sending.  If you’re not seeing positive signals from your prospect along the way then you’re probably not going to get the sale at the end even with a magical close. If you see any negative signals then it’s important to circle back on that issue and ask some auxiliary questions or use an illustration to reason and perhaps get agreement on the issue.

Therefore I see the problem being that if the focus is on pulling out the sale with a magic close then it might cause the salesman to take their eye of focusing on making the sale step-by-step.   If  you take the extra time and attention to make sure each point in your sales presentation is ‘buttoned up’ then the pressure will come off the closing meeting.  If you are a managed services provider that is paying for your IT lead generation, then you don’t want to waste your money.  Make sure that you button up every point in your presentation like how proactive service can eliminate downtime or that your unlimited help desk can eliminate the need for an IT liaison.

Once you have gotten agreement on several points in your presentation then getting them to say yes to your entire proposal will be a lot easier.  This way you will get a lot more out of your IT services marketing and make sure that you don’t waste money on your technology sales leads.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.