Why Was A Businesses Employees Tested For Technology Competency?

istock_000005780399xsmall1I was recently sitting in on a meeting with a salesman who was marketing IT services on one of the sales leads that our company had set up for him. We were coming up empty handed in our attempt to find a wedge issue that we could develop into interest in their services.  One of the objections that we faced was the fact that this prospect already had managed services in place.  This is what made it difficult to find an opening where my client would have an advantage.  However, one statement that this contact made that really sounded strange.  She stated that her current computer consultant had come in and had all her employees tested for computer competency.  Then she admitted that many of her sales people were seriously challenged when it came to the pc.  The $10,000.00 dollar question is why would this tech guy test her employees in the first place?

This Is A Training Issue!

We can only guess at what this tech might have been thinking when he had all this prospect’s employees tested for computer competency?  However, we do have a lot of clues that might give us a solid indication to his reason.  One of the questions that we routinely ask prospects during the initial sales meeting, is how large is your current technology provider.  Her answer to that question lead us to believe that she was dealing with a one-man-show.  The next question that we ask was about the type of help desk support that she received in her flat fee offer.  She was sorta vague on this question as well and these two answers started to give me some idea about why all her employees got tested!

My instincts started to tell me that this was really an old battle that had reared it’s ugly head, “This is a Training Issue and is not covered”! When managed services was first getting underway and help desk was just begining to be included for a flat fee most IT guys got real nervous.  They feared they would end up training end users under the mask of a help desk.  Of course the fear came from a concern that this might lose them money or more importantly cannibalize their training services.  However, what does all this background information have with our basic question?

Fundamentally the two issues that are odds with the current consultant model that lead him to test his client employees were the fact he has limited support but is offering unlimited help desk!  Therefore, logically when the employees are under trained over utilizing his help desk offer, it puts a heavy burden on his ability to support all of his other clients.  The reason I wanted to bring this up is because it’s a major weakness that a lot of computer service providers have built in thier offer.  If the savvy reader of this blog is listening, then they can be better armed in their marketing for managed services!

So this computer business owner tested her employees because the computer consultant didn’t want to keep supporting their help desk request under the current msp plan.  So after he showed her the test results, he was able to brainwash his customer into accepting sub par support.  Therefore, if you do want to capitalize on this weakness then PLEASE consider outsourcing your help desk to a 24/7 provider that has a huge scalable supply of help desk operators that are able to price out their service on a flat fee per desk top.  You want to make sure that the level of service this help desk offers rises to the level of fielding ‘training’ issues.

If you can do this or achieve the same level with your in-house team, then you will be in a good position to take advantage of an IT lead generation or telemarketing campaign.  When you run the technology sales leads they provide and have an amazing help desk offer [that can blow your prospects minds] then you will achieve a higher ROI.  You will also be able to offer better customer service and never get into this old battle about what is or isn’t a ‘Training Issue’.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.