What Can The Blind Men and The Elephant Story Teach MSP’s?

1141265_70071125-11In the famous Indian story about the Blind Men and the Elephant we see 6 blind men who go out to find out what an Elephant is really like.  Each man in his turn touches a different part of the elephant and comes away with a false impression of the whole Truth.  The first man touches the side of the animal and concludes that the elephant is like a wall.  The second blind man feels the tusks and determines the elephant is similar to a spear.  In like manner the third blind man grabs a hold of the elephant’s trunk and compares it to a snake.  In the same fashion the last three blind men believe in turn the elephant is a tree, fan and rope.  None of the six mean are able to come together and agree about what they have all felt separately.  What can this story teach managed services providers about the IT marketing  services selling process?

“It Takes The Most Rare Commodity In The World To Succeed, Faith!”

This story has been used in many situations to teach different lessons, however I believe we can learn some important sales and marketing lessons about lead generation and even using trades shows to promote your business.  The other day I overhead a MSP vendor saying that a certain trade show didn’t get them an ROI.  However, I have watched CharTec closely and have see how they have used trade show marketing to triple their business and get investors to help them get to the next level.  What is the difference between the computer business vendor who didn’t get their return and CharTec that rode trade shows all the way to heights of success.  The difference is that the first IT company was like the blind man in the story… they only touch part of entire marketing process and came to the wrong conclusion.  Whereas CharTec continued to invest in every trade show for more than a year and experienced the entire process.

Essentially we are saying that just taking one part of the marketing process and then stopping is short sighted.  With trade show marketing you have to continue to be at every trade show so that your prospects can see you over and over again until they finally say to themselves, “There must be something to that Company I keep seeing at the trade shows”. You can’t get that result until your business has been seen several times.  This is almost true with most marketing tools like radio, print and even telemarketing.  You can never get the whole benefit from your investment until you continue to keep re-investing money into your campaign over a longer period of time.  The companies with patience and a long term view almost always get results beyond their expectations.

With IT lead generation I have see the exact same problem with short term expectation.  Most companies will invest in one telemarketing campaign and then wait to get back their money and profit until their will spend money on another sales leads campaign.  However, the rare computer consultants that we have worked with over the years that just continued to re-invest in one campaign over and over again always have gotten the results they were looking for.

Finally, take a lesson from the the story and make sure you don’t just touch part of the IT marketing process and come to the wrong conclusion about the ROI that you might get, until you have actually experienced the entire technology sales leads process.  In reality we are all blind because we can only experience one part of something that happens over a period of time.  Therefore it takes the most rare commodity in the universe to succeed, faith!

About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience in IT marketing on behalf of computer support providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!