Add More Arrows To Your Managed Services Salesman’s Marketing Arsenal!

ArrowsRecently I was asked what the most common mistake a managed services company makes in their  sales meetings.  After thinking about if for a minute I said that the most common mistake was made before the IT salesman ever got to the prospects office.  My host was surprised by my answer and curious to find out what I was alluding to.  The mistake is at the core of the services model, what I mean is that the services and prices they are offering are just not innovative or better than what most other companies are offering.  This means their salesmen are left to sale based solely on their charm.  If you want to increase sales from sales leads and decrease the sales cycle before a close,then you need to arm your technology salesman with more arrows in their marketing Arsenal!

The reality is that the computer business is very competitive with more companies starting up IT companies all the time.  While having a respectable firm with lots of employees is a good thing it’s not the trigger that is going to get businesses that are comfortable with their current technology support to switch service providers.

You Need More Arrows To Make More Sales Kills!

Several months ago I was conducting live sales training by going on sales calls with one of our computer services clients.  We made it to the prospects office in time and were able to establish some rapport.  After the warm up was off the ground, we started to get the Owner off from talking about how great his current tech guy was and thinking about how his service might be improved.  As the prospect began to day dream about what he might like to have in terms of services that he doesn’t have now, he mentioned a 24/7 help desk.

It was at this point that the Owner of the computer consulting firm that was hosting me for the day completely shocked me.  Just as we were getting him to think about better service this consultant told our prospect, “You don’t need 24/7 help desk support”.  The effect of that statement was that our prospect shut down and got back to talking about how great his current tech guy was.  I think it’s pretty common logic that you never tell customers or prospects, NO!  So what would cause this experienced business owner and salesman to violate this basic rule?

The reason was that he didn’t have a 24/7 help desk to offer this prospect, so he was trying to get him off that idea.  This underlines the basic idea behind this blog…  if you don’t have a better service than what your prospect has in place then you’re going to have very limited opportunities to switch more prospects over to your model.

If you’re trying us utilize technology sales leads in your overall marketing strategy, then you’re going to need to make sure you have enough innovative services like a 24/7 help desk, that give your customers rapid access to high level techs with remote control ability who can even help end users with so called ‘training’ issues, in your arsenal.

In another example, a salesman that I was sitting in on his sales meeting completely let the fact that the prospect’s server had gone down for three days get by with out capitalizing on.  Why didn’t this it services salesman attack this obvious weakness in the prospect backup plan?  The reason was that they offered the exact same backup plan that the prospect had which had that glaring weakness.  They didn’t offer a backup and disaster recovery solution with virtualization and the ability to restore to bare metal on dissimilar hardware.  Essentially when the salesman saw his prey in an opportunity to make a quick kill he reached into his quivery and grab and arrow; but his quivery was completely empty!

Therefore if you want to get amazing results from you next lead generation campaign, then make sure you add Arrows to your IT model first.

The idea for the analogy in this blog was inspired by Jay Hersey.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.