We Don’t Just Train Our IT Telemarketing Reps, We Brainwash Them!

istock_000010100054xsmall“Here is the Yellow Pages, Get Started!”  That was the complete training program I received at one company that I worked at many years ago.  Many companies don’t put any importance on training for their IT telemarketing employees but spend plenty on IT.  Another company that I was employed at trained their telemarketers by having new hires just sit and listen to all the current telesales reps make cold calls.  Of course, there are some great businesses out there that put a high importance on training programs for their workers.  One good example of this was MBNA America, where I was employed, where they put their telemarketers through a 2 week paid training program.  I was a by product of that training program and it contribute to much of my success.  I am trying to keep the torch burning by putting in place the best training program for telemarketing at our firm.  We take training very seriously and we don’t just train our marketing reps, we brainwash them!

We Take Marketing Training Seriously

Many times a computer business that has tried bringing telemarketing in-house gets a script for their people to make cold calls and then throws a party because they feel they are finished with marketing training.  However, after a few years of recruiting and training, I realized that I had to embrace turn over.  In the beginning I held training classes at hotels instead of interviewing potential employees one at a time for our managed services customers.  In time I realized this was wasting my breath and decided to take advantage of technology and began to make training videos.  This was the beginning of our current training program.  I eventually had professional video clips made for each of the techniques we wanted our reps to learn, so they can watch them over and over. Now the foundation of our training is having all our employees watch the hour long training videos every morning before work.  We want to inculcate our techniques and principals deep in the subconscious of our sales reps so they can set up great sales leads.

One of the biggest principals we teach our people is to do the opposite of what traditional sales people do or say…  so we take role play to a whole new level.  In our morning meetings we take one objection and roll play with every one on our team so members so they can be ready when a prospect uses that objection.  However, we want all of our employees to be ready to use reverse psychology on every objection; so I walk about our call center and throw out crazy obstacles for them to overcome.  The point we want to reinforce is that they should always aggressively agree ahead of the prospect on all marketing calls for our IT clients.  When I point to a rep and tell them they are fired, I expect them to agree with me and start telling me all the reasons I probably want to fire them before I can. I also want them to compliment me for being direct about my concerns!  Sometimes I pretend to pull them over and am going to give them a speeding ticket.  I want them to tell me they have no excuses and deserve  the speeding ticket.  We preach that our employees should utilize what they learn about handling people in their every day life and try to make these concepts a habit instead of just a tactic to be used at work.

Finally, we have a checklist of points we want our phone reps to cover on every lead generation call they make  We asked them to review it before each call and grade themselves on it after each call.  In addition, I personally sit with them during each day and listen to their calls and go over the points I feel they need to work on and then direct them to watch the corresponding training video to reinforce that principal.

Maybe the next step is to develop subliminal messages in our training videos!

About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience in IT marketing on behalf of computer support providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!