Should You Learn How To Do Online IT Services Marketing!

istock_000011729960xsmall At one MSPU event I heard one managed services provider stand up during the presentation of a web training speaker and ask, “Is there someone out there that will just do this for me?” If your MSP website is not generating enough IT lesads and you’re thinking of giving up, then STOP. There is no question that you can improve the lead generation from your IT website no matter where you are with your rankings, newsletter and social marketing. You probably have bought Robin Robins Technology Marketing Tool Kit, subscribed to the MSPU sales training website and paid Gary Pica to learn his sales secrets; but have you tried a coach that can help you increase the flow of sales leads from your online presence. You have probably learned something for all the other marketing gurus that helped you increase sales. So before you throw you hands up in failure, why not look for some good online gurus that can help you get the success you wanted when you started your website in the first place. However, the real question is; should you break out the books and start watching webinars to learn how to do it for yourself or should you start interviewing SEO consultants to take it all off your plate?

You Don’t Have To Choose!

First of all if you’re thinking of picking between different marketing avenues like telemarketing or online marketing then you might be making a fatal mistake either way. There is no question that if you have the knowledge and patience, then you should absolutely be able to get top ranked organically [with out paying!] and generate some leads that convert to sales. In fact, I just received a call from one of my IT clients who has been working on his own SEO and reported that he had gotten a lead from his website that turned into a sale. This is just one example, if you have been to any events you can check with other computer repair firms and get more examples that will build your confidence to hang in there until you can start getting results with organic marketing.

While the computer consultant in that story is doing his own SEO, blogging, newsletter and social marketing, is this the right direction for you? I have to say that learning how to do your own search engine optimization might be very difficult but ultimately it is the better choice if a decision has to been made. If you have the budget for it, the easiest option would be to hire a marketing agency hull (or one local to your area). Marketing agencies know exactly what they’re doing and they know how to make your website stand out! Marketing your business on the web is so crucial to most businesses right now, especially for any managed services providers, that if you don’t understand how it works then it can be difficult to make sure it’s managed correctly. However, with that being said some computer services firms just might not have the time to invest in learning the intricate and constantly changing rules.

Fortunately you might not have to choose after all… I had the pleasure of meeting Stuart Crawford from Ulistic at the CompTIA Breakaway event in San Antonio. I was impressed with his knowledge of all the latest forms of web marketing especially social networking. They specialize in teaching computer business owners how to take charge of their own SEO through different channels including one-on-one consultation. In addition, I learned that Ulistic also has a complete do-it-for-you model where they managed your SEO and take it completely off your plate.

Check out their website or tune in to our upcoming blogtalkradio show where we will have Stuart Crawford on live!

About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience IT marketing on behalf of computer support providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!