You’re Stuck With The Hand Dealt In Poker But Not As An MSP!

istock_000000897437xsmallWhen you’re playing Poker you are stuck with the cards you’re dealt.  When your hand is called, you have to lay down and expose what cards you have as compared with your contender.  If you’re unlucky and get dealt only bad cards… then you lose.  Of course, when there is money on the line they call this gambling because you’re taking a chance on losing  your hard earned cash.  What if you could stack your deck, what if cheating was Legal?  While you can’t preselect the cards you want to play with in Poker game you can, however, when you’re putting together a managed services offer to begin marketing.

It feels like a poker game!

I make this comparison, because that’s how it feels when you’re in a prospect’s office or conference room, that you found from an IT sales leads campaign, and you are trying to find out what their technology situation is so you can offer something they don’t have or that you can do better.  The prospects always seem to have a poker face and can be very guarded about what level of services they have, who they deal with and what prices they pay. 

In these situations I have seen so many computer business owners lay their cards on the table showing their features, benefits and service levels only to find that they have all the low cards.  The prospects turn out to have the High Hand!  This is when I scratch my head and wonder why more IT services marketing providers don’t take more time and be more concerned about the features and benefits they have in their marketing offering.  It’s not a case where you are stuck with the hand that you have been dealt but rather you have ample time to make sure you investigate the tech vendors and pick trusted solutions that offer exciting features and benefits which will tantalize you’re prospects.

What’s the first service an IT provider could stack in their marketing deck which could trump the competition? The first thing I would look at is making sure you have a state-of-the-art BDR solution.  If you want to have the high card when it comes to your backup-disaster-recovery then you should look at the Datto and CharTec BDR solutions right away, both solutions can give you a fast restore time with the visibility of an on site appliance combined with the security of having data stored off site.  One advantage that the CharTec BDR has is that it has no upfront cost and they will private label your brand on the hardware.  Check out both solutions and make sure you have stacked your hand with the trump card when it comes to comparing BDR solutions with your prospects.

Another key place where a VAR can make sure they have the best hand in the game, is to make sure they have a solid 24/7 help desk.  This is one area where you can make sure you have the best offering, just by picking up the phone.  You can look at Ingram Micro’s help desk offerings or Synergy, both provide lighten fast response time and access to a high level tech who can instantly begin remediation for your clients.

Make sure you have stacked your deck with services and features that will trump what your prospects have every time.  Then you will be ready to leverage explosive growth by outsourcing IT lead generation and ensure that your company can capitalize on all the technology sales leads you get from your telemarketing campaign.  Don’t gamble with your marketing dollars, make sure to spend time and do your research so you never end up with a bad hand in a sales meeting again.


About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience in IT marketing on behalf of computer consultants  and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!