There Is A New Wave Of Changing Attitudes Towards IT Telemarketing!

Tahiti Wave“Your price is way to high!”… That is what I have been hearing for the last 5 years, after we tell a computer business owner the pricing for our IT telemarketing service.  As we have said many times, computer consultants normally have spent all their money after going to a trade show and loaded up on PSA software, RMM tools, Sales Training and Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions etc…  When they get back to their business they have no money left to pay for marketing.  In Addition, many IT people feel that selling and marketing are just not a priority because it’s not something that many of them understand.  Therefore, when they get around to calling us to find out about our marketing services, they tell us our services are too expensive.  What has compounded this problem is that there has been a few IT services marketing companies out there that have been offering rock bottom prices. This has made it nearly impossible for most IT providers to resit trying the lower cost solutions.  However, recently I have seen many signs in the market that tell me there is a new wave of changing attitudes towards spending on IT telemarketing.There Is A New Wave Of Changing Attitudes

The first clue that there was a new attitude that was starting to swell out there, was when a technology firm that we had met at an MSPU trade show called us back from almost a year and half ago.  This consultant had been very curious about our IT lead generation services… after hearing our price points, they were chocked and had a hard time swallowing our value proposition.  This tech firm decided to go with the low budget telemarketing firm that we won’t name, but was offering bargain basement pricing.  Naturally this prospect couldn’t help but be mesmerized buy such a low cost for an appointment setting service.  However, after a long time had passed we got a call from this same consultant who was ready to pay a higher price for telemarketing to get better qualified appointments and signed up with our company!

The next BIG clue that something was a foot and things were changing was when a big marketing guru, who refers IT providers to many other marketing services, notified me that they had removed this low cost rock bottom telemarketing firm from their website.  This marketing guru had been a big proponent of going with the lowest priced technology sales leads services and had led a big part of the computer repair market down that path.  This is a huge clue that times are changing…

Finally, last week another IT consultant who had been utilizing a low budget telemarketing firm for getting IT sales leads called us back to get a new proposal…  they were ready to sign up with us on our old pricing model.  However, our prices, value and services offerings had increased!  They were very disappointed to say the least, in fact this company had resolved to stop throwing away money for cheap services and pay more for the highest quality, and was prepared to pay a higher price.  They were thrown aback by our even higher prices and had to swallow hard to accept the proposal.  When they called me back last week and updated me that they had decided to accept our proposal then I knew there was a trend developing.

If your company is not part of this new thinking about what managed services providers should be spending on telemarketing, then it’s something to seriously consider.  If many of the firms that have already been down the road of using bargain basement telemarketing services are now deciding to pay more for lead generation, then perhaps your firm might want to re-evaluate this issue.  Marketing for IT should be the single biggest area of spending in your budget.   If your spending on marketing is minimal then you might want to take a closer look and see if you can re-align that back into the right balance.