We Finally Drink Our Own IT Marketing Kool-Aid!

istock_000011478441xsmall1I have been standing on my soap box for a while preaching to managed services providers what they should be doing differently in their marketing to achieve better results.  It’s a bitter pill to hear criticism about your marketing and painful to even think about making any changes… In a perfect world we could always do everything the same, while the world around us constantly changes.  I guess that’s what it was like in the movie “Time Machine”, when the protagonists would pull his level to go forward in time and see the world changing around him drastically, while he remained the same.  So I had fallen into the exact same mind set like many of you out there in the computer consultant industry.  Or even worse I was telling everyone else to change and I wasn’t willing to make any changes myself….  However, I can proudly announce that we have finally drank our own Kool-Aid about IT marketing!

Drink Your Own Kool-Aid!

Well exactly what  have we been preaching that everybody else should change that we were not willing implement ourselves?  The first thing that comes to my mind that we have been suggesting to computer repair firms is that they should be willing to make a ‘No Risk Offer”, meaning that they should make a solid money back guarantee for the first 30 days of their agreement.  In fact, I can testify that the technology firms that were running our IT sales leads and actually took this advice, directly benefited their bottom line and never actually had any risk.

In the past I have been asked by technology providers if I could take my own advice and take away their fear of trying out a new IT telemarketing firm by making a solid money back guarantee. When that happened, I usually just made a bunch of excuses about why our business is such that we couldn’t really do that.  Now that I think about it, 10 years ago most techs said the exact same thing about why they couldn’t offer a flat fee.  They said their business was very different and customers would take advantage of their unlimited support plan, the risk was too high.   However, fast forward 10 years and now we see just about every computer business is now offering an unlimited IT support plan and the marketing for this has saturated the world.

Robin Robins from Technology Marketing Tool Kit has pointed out that when Domino’s made their unique selling proposition by offering a 30 min guarantee or a free pizza that everybody thought  Domino’s would lose their shirts!  However, when Domino’s discovered this Unique Selling Proposition, it made them rich instead of bankrupting them!

Therefore, as mentioned earlier MSP Telemarketing is now drinking it’s own Kool-Aid by offering a money back guarantee; if a sale is not generated from one of our 10 technology sales leads within 3 months then we offer our clients their money back.   In addition, we are giving out gift cards and sending out thank you notes to all our prospects and our clients prospects.  So we have finally started to change our model and feel we are now in a better position to get back on our soap box and make some more recommendations about other ways IT consultants can improve their IT services marketing.

Stay Tuned!

About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience in IT marketing for computer consultants and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!