We Now Offer Limited Technology Sales Training With Our Lead Generation Program!

Meeting with ClientsOver the last 10 years I have realized that we’ve been setting appointments by using great techniques at a 10,000 feet level, but most of the computer consultants have only been able to sell with techniques at a low 1,000 feet level.  So there has been a huge gap between the type of appointments we can set and what the sales people were able pitch.

Why? The only sales that most IT firms are closing are with prospects that have obvious needs.  The marketing gap that we’re discussing has to do with the ability to persuade a firm that’s lukewarm in their overall happiness with their current IT support, a firm without obvious needs.  Most IT providers are only trained to sell to companies based on finding out what their ‘needs’ are, so if they don’t have obvious needs, then these calls end up at a dead end.

The successes that we have had over the years has mostly come when we have been able to set at least 1 or 2 of the appointments with prospects that turned out to have some obvious needs.  Now we are trying to stop this trend and make sure that all our clients can get a good ROI from every one of our technology sales leads campaigns.

We have talked about our guaranteed sales program in the past, but I wanted to talk specifically about the sales training that we are offering to new clients.  We want to close the gap between the sales abilities of your techs by teaching them some of the sales strategies we use on the phone, which we use to get the appointments in the first place.

I am offering to come out and go with you on 2 or 3 of the sales leads that we set up for.  Our goal is to make sure that you will be able to take full advantage of all the IT leads we deliver.  So for just $600 (plus travel expenses) I can come out for one day to accompany you on a few of these appointments.

We’ll make sure you understand our 19 point sales process. I’ll demonstrate how our marketing points can help you land more sales for IT.

I just returned from a successful trip to Seattle, WA to meet with one of our IT clients.  We set up two appointments for the day.  The trip was very successful, as the first lead we went on turned out to have ‘needs’ and will turn into a sale.  The second appointment was more of a ‘happy-with-what-he-has’ customer, but we had a positive meeting.  They didn’t see any obstacles to switching to our client’s managed service offering.  This only came after I was able to break through this prospect’s ‘poker face’ and get him to agree we had an offer that would be better and more convenient.

Here is the linkedin recomendation we got from this Client in Seattle:

“We recently hired John Black and MSP Telemarketing to assist us in finding qualified appointments for Managed IT Service opportunities, after trying other lead generation and appointment setting service companies. In just our first session more than 50% of the appointments set by John Black’s team were above average in quality and are all slated to close in the next 45 days. MSP Telemarketing goes beyond 110% to ensure that they are finding and setting the right kinds of appointments. John Black even came on site to talk sales strategies and assist us in turning some of these appointments into sales. MSP Telemarketing is completely committed to making every appointment a great sales opportunity. If you own a company and are serious about closing sales I would highly recommend giving John Black and MSP Telemarketing a try.” August 5, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

Tim Harris

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