It’s Alive! Finally, the Perfect IT Marketing Call Center Team!

mad-scientistI feel like a mad scientist  whose creation has just come alive after ages of preparation and tireless effort!  Like Dr. Frankenstein, when the electric bolts shot through his creation, bringing it to life!  I have been telemarketing for managed services for over 10 years, but only in the last 5 years have I been able to expand and recruit a suitable team of  telesales reps.

Just as we have said to anyone trying to bring IT marketing in-house, there is a huge learning curve!   However, I’ve paid my dues and we now have the perfect IT lead generation machine and “It’s Alive!”

The Birth

I will tell you about the struggles that I faced, as well as how I faced these obstacles and overcame them.  The first problem is staffing; finding talented and skilled people. The first thing you have to figure out is how you’re going to compensate them, where you are going to advertise the position, and what your ad copy is going to be.

I don’t mind telling you that I have had many blunders as I blindly groped my way through these barriers to success.  In the beginning my ads and compensation plan attracted the worst of the worst, including drunks, drug addicts and the sleep deprived.  I remember having to go and rent a hotel each night for one of my workers that was just half-way decent on the phone.  Another sad example is a worker who claimed to be sleep deprived and would call in all the time that he couldn’t come in to work, because he didn’t get enough sleep.

Well those days are over, now I have figured out the right places to advertise along with the right compensation plan to attract a higher caliber employee.  In the process, I realized how difficult it was to verbally train each worker and go through every thing they need to get technology sales leads.  Therefore, I invested in developing a video training series that covers everything that they need to learn to become excellent phone sales people.

Last week I recruited a new worker and he trained for 3 days and starting calling on his 4th day. He set his first appointment on the first day he started making calls.  Then on the second day of his cold calling he was able to set more 3 appointments!  Needless to say this really illustrates that we have fine tuned our training and recruiting process.  This particular worker has both a car and a house and is not a drug addict or sleep deprived!

My next problem was trying to learn how to keep the good, well trained telemarketing workers motivated and out of office squabbles.  When I change my compensation plan again it solved both problems at the same time.  Productivity had since shot up and the office squabbles have ended.  In fact, when I was away in Seattle visiting one of the IT services marketing consultants we represent for training, my team was able to set a new record for appointments that week.

The next challenge that I faced was really speeding up the time it took to fulfill our contracts.  I already had experimented with qualifiers, used to just scrub our list and find out the number of computers and the 2nd contact names like the CFO, controller and so forth.  I have tried everything from outsourcing these types of calls to India and it all failed.  Now we have have a training system just for these qualifiers, and it’s done right in our offices.  These folks are the engine that powers our ability to get our leads out faster.

The bottom line is that we have the perfect team ready and trained with NO LEARNING CURVE to start building your IT sales leads pipeline.  Of course my admins now help follow up on on all the leads to make sure we don’t miss a beat, and you get the best ROI for your computer business possible, in fact we now guarantee your marketing for your IT ROI!

About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience in IT marketing for computer support providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!