Every IT Sales Prospect Has A Potential To Say ‘Yes’!

half-full-glass“On this list there might only be one prospect that will say YES!” This is what one of my telemarketers told me when I was questioning why he hadn’t set very many IT sales leads that day.  I thought about his statement for a few minutes about and realized that what he was actually saying is that he thought that every one he called was already either not interested or was just waiting for him to call to say they were ready for a computer consultant to come up and give them a proposal for managed services.

As I was considering how I could respond in such a way so that I wouldn’t criticize him but be able to get him to realize that life is in ‘flux’ and that nothing is predetermined, especially in the IT lead generation game.  I realized that it wasn’t just my technology telemarketing agent that saw the glass half empty but that probably many of the computer services sales reps out there see the  marketing leads we give them in the exact same way, that they don’t have any influence on the outcome of their sales calls. Many probably feel that they are just there to find out if the prospect was already to buy before they showed up.

From my point of view I would have to blow my whistle and call this attitude a cherry picking mentality.  Of course there are probably a lot of computer business owners that would ask, “if there is clearly visible fruit then why not go for those first?”  So after a few minutes I started to get a good idea on how I could clear all of this up for my inside marketing team.

I pulled three administrators into our conference room and had several of our telemarketing staff present.  I took out some note cards and wrote ‘No’ on two of them and ‘Yes’ on the other and gave them to the administrators.  Then with the sales people watching I walked up to each worker and asked them each if we could have a meeting to go over our it services marketing proposal… each one simple read the card that I had given them.  The final result of our test was that two of them told me ‘No’ and only one said ‘Yes’.

I then turned to my it services marketing team and explained that this is what many of them thought was happening, that the people they were calling already had either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ card in their pocket and they were just calling to see which card they had.  So, then I told them I was going to repeat the illustration but this time show them the reality.

I took my admin team in another room and this time I gave each one a ‘No’ and a ‘Yes’ card. I told them when I asked for the appointment to answer with the card they felt like using.  When I repeated the demonstration in the conference room I walked up to each one and asked one of them for the appointment but asked in a rude way and she gave me the ‘No’ card.   However, the other two I was pleasant with and gave them a few compliments and then asked for an appointment from them.  This time two of the girls gave me a ‘Yes’ card.

I summed up my illustration by turning to all my workers and telling them that every prospect they call on our list all have both a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’ card in their pocket and it all depends on what you say to them that will determine which card they give you.  I continued by saying that even when you talk with someone with a lot of ‘No’ in their hand, if you keep asking they can dig down deep in their pocket and find a ‘Yes’ card.

About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!