What To Look For In An IT Call Center

darwin-spyglass-lge-3691If you’re considering contracting an IT call center for  lead generation, then you’re probably starting to realize that all of their proposals are turning into a blur, looking the same.  Or on the other hand the proposals might be so different from other types (pay for performance, pay by the hour) that you can’t make heads or tails of them.

Let’s go over a few basic points that can guide a computer business in a search for a good marketing team.  Some of the things we suggest looking for are as follows: Are they using offshore callers? How well do they understand the managed services market? How persuasive are they on the phone?  You might be surprised that there wasn’t consideration given to technical issues like recording calls, contact management programs etc… why?

I once endeavored to out-source some of our qualifying processes.  I was impressed by all the technology that some of the firms were offering.   This was what ended up getting me to try one firm.  Also, once the campaign had started I received an email each night with the recorded calls of the previous day. Sounds cool, right?

But every email contained no recorded calls.  This is because the assigned phone representative never actually made any calls.  There was just one excuse after the other, so the bottom line was that even thought the latest and greatest call recording and lead management tech was being utilized, the human talent element was ignored.

This is the reason we don’t recommend making your decision about which sales leads company you will pick to set up your technology appointments. Instead we recommend focusing on the human element and especially the talent.

The first question we raised, “Are they using offshore callers?”  focuses not on the technology issue but rather the human element.  One of the main things we look for in the telemarketing reps that we hire is how articulate they are.  Offshore call centers have a very hard time training their reps to being articulate and understandable to westerners. Frankly, most of the people seeking employment with us right here in the U.S. are just not articulate enough.  If the decision makers can’t understand them or relate, then they’re not going to get past the first objection.

Second, we advocate that any computer services firm looking at utilizing IT marketing should also consider how well the prospective firm understand the managed services offering.  Once again, they could employ all the technology in the world but if the management and phone reps don’t understand technology in general then your hopes of getting an ROI will never materialize.  For example if a phone rep doesn’t even know what a Server is then they’re not going to be able to explain server management.

The last point that you might consider is simply how persuasive the prospective telemarketing firms phone reps are.  Even if they have articulate employees and they understand technology the question still remains if they can persuade. I would like to point out that most people that cal themselves a salesman or a telemarketing have no training or worse have been poorly trained.  They are pushy, argumentative, have no listening skills etc…  and worse don’t know how or when to close.  This is the one thing that really sets MSP Telemarketing apart, we use the principals from “How To Win Friends And Influence People” to train our people and continue training them, on top of all the technology training they receive.  We drill such principals as making sure they make the gatekeepers and decision makers  ‘fell important’, never argue and build agreement by getting many yeses before closing.

In conclusion, don’t get confused by your search for marketing or get distracted by IT.  Make sure to keep the human element in view and you should have a well informed decision.