The Last Mile For Marketing IT!

marathonImage that your running a marathon and your coming to the very last mile of your journey, when you realize that all your trainers and coaches, who had been with you through your entire effort from the very beginning, start to drop away and leave you hanging to run the last mile by your self.  If you’re a computer business owner and can visualize your marketing process like the marathon race we just alluded to, then I am sure you wouldn’t want all your advisory and coaches abandoning you as you near the sales goal you have been working toward, by using their services and training.

There are lots of  it services that are offered to managed services providers to help you sell more contracts.  Some of these are offering services that will improve your model, while others are offering marketing tips or sales training.  The bottom line is that many of these are good and really can help you, in fact many of these we recommend on our website.  The problem that all these have in common is that they can’t take you all the way to the prospect and the sale.  So when your evaluating the budget and are wanting to link that spending directly to making more sales, then you need to realize that none of these other services can take you all the way to ‘the last mile’ of the sales process.

We are not just here to point out bad news, but rather to offer a solution.  We have recently announced our new guaranteed technology sales leads program for marketing it.  Now we are the only advisor that will be running with you all the way the your sales goals!  No one else will do it nor can they do it.  The reason is because they can’t get the leads for you to run….  even other telemarketing companies that do produce the leads really have no confidence that there leads will sale nor do they have the knowledge to ensure that you take full advantage of their leads and help guide you to the last mile of the sale.

MSP Telemarketing has over 10 year experience with IT lead generation and ride along with computer services marketing.  With that experience we have confidence in our appointments and our ability to guide you to the sale and do the follow up for you.  So when you evaluated where to spend your marketing dollars just remember that MSP telemarketing will be there right to end with you as you sign up you contacts and get you ROI back!