MSP Telemarketing Is Proud To Sponsor CompTIA Breakaway 2010

comptiaMSP Telemarketing is Proud to announce sponsorship of the CompTIA Breakaway 2010 Channel Event.  We ran into some of the CompTIA employees at the MSPU Boot camp in Dallas, TX. After reviewing what CompTIA offers their members and the breakdown of who attends their Breakaway meetings, we couldn’t resist attending and sponsoring this event.

According to their stats 38% of the attendees will be the President, Owner or Partner of their firm.  So if you’re a vendor or are trying to get some good networking opportunities, then this will be a great event .  Also if you’re looking to get info on the latest IT services offerings then keep in mind that most of the Top IT vendors will be there.

CompTIA offers a wide ranges of Certifications and don’t forget that end user decision makers do look hard at your certifications. So try to look at the cost of getting certified by CompTIA, not just from a technical view point, but from a marketing view point.

CompTIA also offer in-dept Research on the IT industry that computer business owners will ignore to their own peril; if they are trying to succeed in their marketing. Furthermore,  they provide  elearning so you can study and advance at you own pace and access to business tools at workshops format and digital tools like hidden cost calculators.

If you’re a computer services marketing consultant,  then consider sponsoring!

Why Sponsor?

  • Sell your products: More than 75% of resellers reported they found new products at Breakaway
  • Stay informed: Walk away with the hottest industry trends and exclusive research reports
  • Meet one-on-one with potential partners: Innovative on-site networking opportunities guarantee you  additional face time with all conference attendees
  • Bring your staff: More complimentary registration passes for sponsors staff than ever before
  • Get the word out: Leverage Breakaway’s free press room to announcer new products and channel programs
  • Recruit VARs: Attendees include top VARs specializing in the IT financial, government, and health care markets
  • Accomplish goals: Get more business done, in less time, for less money

The event be held in San Antonio, TX  Aug 9-12 2010 and the cost to attend for not members will be $199. It will be held at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort San Antonio, TX

MSP Telemarketing will be unavailing our guaranteed IT Sales Leads, IT lead Generation plan at this event, so make sure you can attend and check out our Booth!