MSP Telemarketing Announces Guaranteed Sales Program!

guaranteed“Guarantee Sales! No way would we  ever make any promises that we could guarantee sales…. you would have to be crazy to guarantee sales for it services marketing.”  This was the response I got recently from an MSP Vendor, when I asked them if they made any guarantees that their clients would make sales by taking their sales advice.

If you’re a computer consultant and have tried telemarketing then you probably didn’t even get most of your appointments that were promised not to mention any Sales.  So many computer business owners have been burned by telemarketing firms.  Even though our firm has been able to get sales for many of our clients, this poison well has made getting ‘drinking water’ to grow our business difficult to say the least.  So we have carefully engineered our new Guaranteed Sales program to combat this negative view of telemarketing.

With that being said, it is viable to question how we could really offer any guarantee on the final outcome of our telemarketing effort.  I have 10 year experience telemarketing for managed services and many years prior doing outside sales.  I have been making ride along sales calls with our clients over the last 10 years to learn what ‘not’ to do.  The main difficultly in offering any sort of guarantee ourselves  or why any other telemarketing firm couldn’t is simply because we had no control over the appointment after it was handed it off to the computer services firm for the marketing call.

So the way we are able to slap this guarantee on our IT lead generation is that we are not just making recommendations on your business model any more; but we are now requiring our clients to offer a few of the latest technologies to make sure you’re offering the best overall value in the market.  Next we have a list of 18 points that you must agree to follow in your presentation.  These are different things we have done independently over the years that have netted success for our clients and we have joined them all together in one marketing plan…. we are simply throwing every good marketing idea at this, including the kitchen sink!

On Top of that we are doing several other things ourselves to help get the outcome we are all looking for.  First MSP Telemarketing will send John Black down with you one day to ride along on some of your appointments.  This is critical, as long as it’s priced in to the proposal, to make sure you’re off on the right track, in terms of following our guidelines.  Next we try to do some research on the prospect so you can have some talking points in your warm up.  Also, we will send out a hand written thank you card on your behalf as the first follow-up on your appointments.  Finally, we will do follow up along with your sales team, to make sure no opportunity falls through the crack.

What is the Gurantee we are offering?  We will give you an extra 3 Free Technology Sales leads if you don’t sell one of the 10 leads you have ordered, within two months after your last appointment.