Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!

Woman Office WorkerIt’s often said in the sales industry that a ‘no’ gets you closer to a ‘yes’, but what about a maybe?  Well if you’re doing follow up for the computer business industry, then getting  a ‘maybe’ is a double benefit.

This is because you didn’t get a no and your still have gotten one prospect off your sales radar and can focus your marketing on another IT prospect.  However, the worst thing that can happen is that you never get a yes, no or even a maybe!  This commonly happens with marketing with in the IT services industry.

Computer consultants are so busy trying to keep on top of their current customers and the new sales leads coming in that following up with hard to reach prospects after their first appointment becomes very difficult for most technology professionals.  However, not following up on a prospect after your first appointment is the one biggest factor that destroys most companies’ chances of getting their ROI from any marketing investment.

We have already talked about the biggest mistakes computer consultants make with their telemarketing, but here let’s focus on the lack of follow-up problem.  The reason is because of the follow up we are now doing for our customers under our guaranteed sales program.  Already, there have been a few prospects that were very difficult to contact.  One stand out and is the reason for this blog…  my assistant had approached me on the status of her follow up on one of the biggest sales opportunities for our new ‘guaranteed sales’ clients.  The issue was that she just couldn’t get a hold of her to find if there was going to be a next step in the sales process.

I took the time to let her know that we were going to get a hold of the CFO for this firm.  What I wanted her to do was to call this CFO at different times of the day, not leave any voice messages, not let the gatekeeper know the name of the company and to call from different numbers each time.  After she had done this for a few weeks she approached me and thought having someone else call might help.  Then I started trying to make a few calls to get through, with no success.  I kicked the ball back in her court for the follow up.

The exciting thing that happened, which prompted this blog, was that today while my assistant was making follow up calls I heard that she had made contact with this hard to reach CFO…  she didn’t give us a yes to setting up a second meeting; but she did give us a maybe in two months.  In fact, she said she would set meeting with us if we called toward the end of two months.  Frankly, this excited me, because we got a contact and an answer, where our client would have just hit a brick wall.  The great news is that we could now focus on the next highest priority prospect for our ‘guaranteed sales’ client.

If you’re managing  the generation of sales leads for your IT Services firm, then make sure you never drop the ball on follow up and that follow up is your middle name.  However, if you know it’s your weakness then consider utilizing our full service IT lead generation where MSP Telemarketing will deliver a sales plan, help you stick to it[aka nagging wife], deliver the appointments and do the all critical follow up!