What Does Beer Have To Do With IT Services Marketing?

pint-beerYou might not think beer has a lot to do with marketing IT services, although I am sure you’re more than anxious to see a connection so we can all go grab a cold one!

The idea for this blog started when I was paying our office rent, which is held by Gambrinus, the former distributors of Corona and still the bottlers and distributors of Shiner Bock. My contact was explaining how Gambrinus got Shiner Bock to begin with and how they were able to take it from a humble brewer to huge marketing success. The first thing my contact told me about this was that they RAISED THE PRICE and started selling it as an import beer, even though it was brewed in Texas.

Later I asked if it was a matter of just raising the price alone and he clarified this a little further. I was told that because the Shiner Brewery had been around for almost 100 years and was one of about 3 breweries left that still uses age old techniques and import many of their raw materials, they believed the beer was worth more. I was further told that most of the beer market was dominated by mass market beers at low prices.

Finally I understood how they were able to raise the price and triple in to the stratosphere their sales. It was not just a matter of arbitrarily raising the price, but rather a careful study of the market with a view how to distinguish themselves as unique in the marketing place. Now this is where the connection between beer and computer business marketing comes into play!

Even as more and more trunk slammers and computer consultants enter the MSP space offering proactive, predictive, flat fee maintenance much like the mass marketing beers at low prices; it’s still possible to raise your prices if you can demonstrate that you have a unique offering vastly different from the rest of the herd.

So the burning question is how can you make your marketing for it ‘unique’? You could add HaaS, hardware as a service by partnering with a company like CharTec or MSP Partners! Start offering web marketing services through Kutenda or Pronto Marketing and partner up with a sales coach like TruMethods or MSPU.

Of course, even if you successfully raise your prices on computer services marketing you still need to get your foot in the door of target prospects to explain why you’re ‘unique’. The best way of getting technology sales leads or IT lead generation is through an appointment setting service, like the one offered by MSP Telemarketing. So here goes the call to action, go grab a cold beer right after you raise your prices and add a bunch of new value added services to justify those new higher prices!