Learning How A Bottle Of Wine Was Sold Can Transform Marketing For IT

wine-bottleIf you read our last blog, then I want to make sure you know we are not drinking beer and wine at work….  However, I had a lightning bolt hit me out of the sky when I was at a Italian restaurant a few months ago.

This restaurant had some powerful marketing strategies at work that I want to share with the computer business marketing firms out there. The first strategy this restaurant used was arousing our curiosity!

When our party sat down at our table, we all realized there was a bottle of wine on the table that looked very tempting.  No one knew why the bottle of wine was sitting on the table.  Everyone asked each other if they had bought the bottle of wine… Then our wondering minds began to think that perhaps it was a sample bottle of wine.  After a while everyone had proposed hundreds of ideas for why the bottle of wine was left on the table.

Mind you none of the employees came by to explain why the bottle of Wine was sitting on the table.

The next thing we knew someone had poured a glass of the wine and was raving about how delicious it was.  Then like domino’s falling, everyone had poured a glass of wine.  By the end of the night this mysterious bottle of wine was empty!

At the end of the night the Waitress came by to ask us how we wanted to pay for the wine, by the glass or by the bottle.  It was at that moment that I realized how brilliant their marketing strategy was and exactly how this could apply to the computer marketing services.

This restaurant had UN-SOLD us or made no attempt to sell us this bottle of wine, except for placing it before our eyes.  This is the lesson that computer consultants marketing can take away.  We don’t need to over-sell our marketing for IT.  Through IT lead generation you create IT sales leads where all you need to do is put your amazing and unique value added services in front of your prospect’s eyes.

If you really do have a better way to take care of their computer systems and can clearly explain it so they can ‘see’ it themselves, then they will buy.  Just like the bottle of wine that was just placed in front of us – we saw it and knew we wanted it without even knowing the cost.