Questions About Marketing CharTec For Your Computer Business?

Recently several of our computer consultants clients have question the benefit of HAAS with CharTec after adding up the cost of the financing.  Below are my thoughts about why HAAS is critical to your marketing success as a computer business owner

How much will the average person pay for a car or home after the financing is added to the cost?

If every one cringed about the financing cost then our society’s spending would shrink and so would the economy.  Like in Mexico where pretty much every one pays for homes and cars with cash and really only rich people buy anything.

Perhaps there could be an argument that that might be a better arrangement, it would also mean there would be less millionaires because there would be less cash blowing around for entrepreneurs to grab.

The issue you might want to focus on is the fact that you can offer the prospect the IDEA for Free Hardware!!!! This idea is important because people don’t make changes unless there is enough momentum to make a change from their current consultant to putting money in your pocket.  If you don’t have a better model then you throwing away your money on IT lead generation.

I know this is a tough idea but let me explain something that happened to me and my father when I begin to run his AC firm 20years ago.

We stumbled on a distributor that was running a HALF off price for AC and included my Father in their BIG ads in the newspaper.  The issue was that there was some issue with the HALF OFF.  The ad looked like it was HALF with just buying the Outside Unit.  But the small print read they had to buy the entire system to get the half price.  The distributor gave some money to lower the one unit to Half.

The bottom line is this was sort of a GIMMICK… The GIMMICK got people to call and we made a lot of money.  In fact even after the Distributor stopped the program and the extra incentive to make the Half off we kept the program going and going and going!!!!

Looking at things the traditional way means you may only end up with traditional results…. to make BIG things happen with your it services marketing you have  to do things different and some times “yes” use a GIMMICK.

The ‘idea’ that the customer was getting an outside unit HALF OFF got them to call us from an ad and we had a chance to bid on 1000’s of opportunities.  In reality they were only saving a few Hundred dollars.

So, if we tell people we’re just Leasing Servers and Hardware, then nothing Big is going to happen… people can choose to do that now.

However, if we tell people they can get a FREE Server and it looks good on paper then, they may get excited about that and you can Change the market.

Now CharTec is taking on the risk for that extra money – a no question asked return policy and replacing the equipment every 3 years. And the most important thing – the ability to eliminate the need for a client to make a decision.  They are also giving the equipment to you and not checking the end users credit.  If you ever gone around trying to do leases you know that Most of them never get approved and the whole deal gets stopped.  Once again you will be wasting your money on technology sales leads.

I would say that when I was in the Security Industry I learned one secret that helped me close more CCTV sales…  Most sales people give credit applications to the prospect to sign.  I realized this forced the prospect to make the decision to fill it out.  Therefore I begun filling the Application out for the prospect, assumptive sale, and dramatically increased my sales.

Why wouldn’t someone want a FREE, NEW, SEVER?  That doesn’t take much of a decision… It’s a no brainier.

These are just some thoughts off the top of my head.  I really believe that offering “FREE” hardware is the way to go forward.

Let me give you one more example of a GIMMICK that works… 6 months no payments no interest or 12 months no payments no interest.  We ran these in our AC firm as well.  Guess what, It’s not FREE we have to add 200 or 300 to the cost of the product to get those terms.  If we sat down and explains the ‘details’ to the prospect that they were paying more for not making payments for 6 months it would stop many from buying.

This is another example of a GIMMICK that works…. It’s the excitement for 6 months FREE and the benefit of not having to Think about the financing that so appealing.

In conclusion, please try to look at CharTec and Hardware as a Service from all angles and from a marketing direction.  Also look at it like an entrepreneur and not like a consumer.  You need to make sure you make the most of you IT sales leads and get the ROI you counting on with you marketing for it.  Please consider improving you model with CharTec.