What Do Our IT Sales Leads Look Like?

woman-graphA lot of computer business owners who have contacted our marketing firm about generation of sales lead or leads  for their IT services offerings have been curious about  how they get the leads, what the leads look like and what information is included in the sales leads.

I wanted to take this opportunity to show exactly what one of our sales leads looks like and go over the information you will be getting and show how to translate it.

First our technology sales leads are simply emailed to the contact or multiple contacts that our clients indicate to us.  The first item that will catch your eye is the subject like in our emails.  They are always clearly marked as “A new Apt from MSP Telemarketing”. The second item in the subject line is then name of the firm the appointment was set with and the third and most important thing is the date and time of the marketing meeting that was set on your behalf.

In the body of the email you will find the Name of the firm in Bold at the Top.  This is followed by the Primary contacts that we have spoken to that lead up to securing this IT sales lead for your computer consultants business.  We underline the name of the contact that the meeting has been set with.  The title normally follow after the contact name and are listing from Highest Authority downward.

Next in the body of the sales lead is the email address with a marking next to it if the prospect has indicated that they wanted information send in advance of the meeting or if they have requested that a meeting request be sent.  It looks like this:

prospect@technologymarketingcompany.com <————— send a meeting request!

The phone number is listed just after the email address.  This way you can call if you running late or need directions to get to their building.  Of course, the number is not listed so that you can call and confirm our telemarketing lead.

After this you will find the physical address followed by spaces.  We attempt to verify the address with the prospect but we also check it against the address listed on their website.

Following the address the most critical information is listed describing how they currently managed their IT systems.  IT In-House or Uses a Computer Consultant or both.  Then number of users they have on their computer network comes next.

Finally, we have the Exact date and time of the meeting and name who the meeting is with to make sure there is no mistake.  We also underline this portion of information of the technology sales lead.  Also below this are the NOTES from the telemarketing rep that set the sales and marketing meeting.

Here is a full blown mock up of one of our IT SALES LEADS:

Subject:  New Apt from MSP Telemarketing with Technology Sales Lead for Feb 12 @ 2:00PM

Technology Sales Lead

Steven Catz VP of Sales and Marketing

susanp@technologysaleslead.com <———send introduction info and meeting request!


22345 Meteoric Drive

Miami, Fl 88888

Uses a Computer Consultant

25 Users

Apt is with Susan the Controller for Feb 12 @ 2:00PM

NOTES:  We first spoke to Steven who said that Susan would be the one that would review any Technology or IT changes.  Susan stated that they currently used a computer consultant by the hour.  She said they were happy with what they had but also indicated they kept their options open especially to saving money.  She hadn’t heard of managed services before and was willing to meet and possibly get a comparison proposal.

There you have it, full documentation on our IT sales leads.  The only thing you need to do now is sign up so you can start getting these technology sales leads showing up in your in-box!

About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience in IT marketing for computer support providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!