Don’t Stop Marketing To Your IT Leads!

microscopeOnce again we have to report a computer business that has suspended their marketing campaign temporarily with terrible side effects.  One of our reps went into our suspended clients list looking for call backs and he found an IT lead that said if we called them the month prior they would’ve been willing to compare managed services with the break-fix service they had in place.  When the rep called them back they indicated that they had just signed a managed services agreement with a competitor.

The sad part is that the campaign had been on hold since the month prior and this is why the prospect wasn’t  called back.  The client missed a golden IT Leads opportunity because they had delayed signing back up again. You just never know when or where  technology sales are going to come from!

Marketing a service is not a science, however there are some laws that we have to recognize or else our marketing  plans will crash and burn.  One of the primary tenants is that you just can’t stop selling.  Murphy’s laws is always in effect, if you turn your phone off; that exactly when the most important prospect will call.  Also, as soon as you decide to stop marketing IT then that is when the next person on your list would probably be a prospect who would be ready to buy your IT services.

Basically as a computer consultants you have to be flexible;  but once you have confidence in a marketing plan you need to stick with it event if it seems it’s not going anywhere.  This is something we call, faith.  Faith is not something that is easy to come by and this  is why so many people quit right before when their best opportunity is right around the corner.

Another good example of this was a story I read in “Think and Grow Rich” , where a gold miner quit mining literally a few feet away from a HUGE vein of gold.  He sold all his equipment to his local guide at a discount price and the guide just moved the drill a few feet over and BINGO he hit a GOLD MINE.

Of course, there are a few things that may cause you to change your marketing plans but they should be well documented trends and not a knee jerk reaction where you are just changing course allover the place.  If that is the case then your computer marketing strategy for selling IT services would just be blowing in the wind.

All this should apply to how you deal with an it call center when marketing for IT. If you have a solid strategy when a telemarketing firm that is delivering qualified sales leads with decision makers and you getting some proposals then keep going until you get the sales coming in.  Of course you should keep making sure you model and pricking are in place but you just don’t know when the sales are coming to come in.  For example, one of our telemarketingreps my have a strange week of appointments.  Monday they set one appointment and then Tuesday they set two appointments, however Wed and Thursday then get NOTHING.  Of course, we could decided to fire them but in one instance the rep finished whit 4 appoints on Friday.  If we had a knee jerking reaction, then we would have missed out on the 4 appointments the telesales rep got the last day.

Just keep this in mind in your computer services marketing efforts.

Happy Hunting.