Why Would IT Consultants WANT To Pay More For IT Lead Generation?

piggy-bankIn our last Blog we went over the numbers and showed why a computer business could afford to pay more for marketing calls to generate more appointments.  However, the big Question is why in the world would they want to pay more for IT lead generation if they didn’t have to?

We were recently approached by a computer consultant who was using another telemarketing firm that was generating leads for a lower cost than what msp telemarketing was proposing.  My question to this technology services provider was, ” if you already getting sales leads  from the other firm at a lower cost, then why would you be contacting us?”

His reply was very interesting and so, without mentioning any names, I am posting it here for everyone to consider.  First, he said that he hadn’t made any sales from their IT sales leads. Of course, this is a very good reason to call around and see what other marketing firm could do for him.  After all if you can’t close the sales then it doesn’t matter how low of a price you paid because it was a total waste of money!!!!!!!!

The second reason was even more compelling and telling.  He said that this other firm told him that they were having difficulty trying to get appointments with Businesses that  were loyal to the existing situation whether it was an In-House IT person or an Outside computer consultants.  This is the reason that I thought was the most interesting, because 90% of the Market is “Happy with what they have”.  So if this IT telemarketing firm doesn’t know enough to be able to switch people around and get them to at least consider another option even if they happy and loyal to what they have now then they are walking away from 90% of the market.

I have be compared with this company may times before and have felt that they were using agents outside of the USA; but everyone fells that this company is using US agents.  However,  If they can only get appointments with people that are unhappy then this means they aren’t able to communicate at a high level with the Decision Maker.   This is indicative of either a very low quality U.S. employee or evidence that it’s really their telemarketing workers are calling from Outside of the Country.

Why would it matter if someone is calling from outside of the Country?  After all Zenith uses foreign technology telemarketing to call and set appointments etc…  However, you have to consider that YOU as the consultant are different from the end user.  If the end uses hears that your telemarketers have an accent from outside of the USA, then they may assume that you are also using IT agents from outside of the country.  The fact is that most small and medium business have frowned on overseas outsourcing while the Big corps like Microsoft have thrived on it.

Therefore, first if there is an agent calling with an accent to set your appointments at a lower cost then keep in mind that even though you got the appointment they may be thinking that your using an overseas outsourced workers and this may not give you the best impression to the prospect.  Also, if this is the case then even the leads that your getting from them at a lower price may not get you any sales and even worse the leads that you can’t get because of their lower quality and the accent that is associated with you company’s image may be causing lasting damage to your reputation.

Once again we are asking computer consultants to have a longer view of IT marketing cost and not just consider the next quarter; but the next 5 to 10 years.  This may be tough to do when you struggling but it could also be what makes the difference between the Technology firms that are still around in the next 5 years.

So when developing your computer services marketing strategy… “Choose, but Choose wisely!”

About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience in IT marketing for computer support providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!