Pausing Your Marketing Could Cost You IT Sales!

Imagine that you have kick started your IT lead generation campaign, but you don’t believe you have gotten off to a Great start. You have received a few good leads that look promising, but haven’t bagged any sales. Your first instinct is to pull back on the IT telemarketing until the sales convert from the existing leads.

This could be a costly mistake!Yo-yo in Hand

Recently one of our existing IT clients started their marketing program back  after stopping their telemarketing campaign. We started technology telemarketing on the prospect that had indicated we should call them back. One lead was past the date that we were supposed to call them, but this was in the time period when the telemarketing had been on ‘hold’.

While we were attempting to contact the IT manager, who wanted us to call him back to propose the BDR solution, we discovered that he had quit and left the company. We immediately started trying to reach the Owner to try to pitch them on considering outsourcing instead of hiring another IT person in-house.

Don’t run your telemarketing campaigns like a Yo-Yo, stopping and starting, up and down and on and off.

After calling back several times we finally made contact with the Owner who informed us that they had already outsourced IT to another computer services marketing firm after he quite three weeks prior.

If our client’s  marketing campaign had been left on, we would have called this prospect much earlier and discovered he had quite before the company had Outsourced IT.  Our computer services client would have had a good shot at a Sale if they would have only kept their marketing going!

This is just one example, but this has happened hundreds of times over the last few years. We never call our clients to give them the bad news, so this is the first time we have ever broached this subject.

Keep this in mind, if you’re getting good leads and following up on them, then you should make sales; if you’re keeping  the model a head of the curve and staying competitive with pricing.  Of course, you have to be able to get the client to ‘see’ the value, which is probably the toughest part of the sale.

The bottom line is that if your IT sales leads are flowing and things are all in order then just be patient and don’t stop the process!  Sales will come.

If you looking for marketing help to ensure your marketing efforts are intact then consider RobinRobins Managed Services Marketing Tool Kit.  Also one of the Hottest new services, that can be a profitable add on to your managed services marketing offer, is HasS [ Hardware as a Services] from CharTec.  Synergy has a really awesome outsourced help desk solution for VAR.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!