Package Kaseya Tools and Your IT Telemarketing Will Take Off!

If you are an IT computer consultants marketing professional, listen. I would like to challenge you to package everything you would like to do. Simply take A la cart services menu and observe as to how you can package them. The reasons abound.

Maybe it’s just to fit your service teams skill sets or what the clients ask for or even geographically related package. Whatever it may be, on most occasions, you can sell more whenever you package it nicely.  Leverage your current computer services with technology platforms and people and fill them with value for simple and easy delivery. Never fluff it up. If you have utilized a managed services platform, chances are high that you have packaged fewer levels for customers to select from. But have you built in the features that people would pay for? To take it a step ahead, think whether you have identified any of the vertical markets that you are strong in or packaged certain things just for them?

Maybe architects, CPA’s lawyers or even health care providers. Each client has something unique in a sense that they might purchase the services. Hence, it is better to package something simply for them. If you feel, “I do that already”, then there has to be something to further stretch your thinking. Just consider important events such as key executives, the hack on Twitter and thereafter write it up.  Thereafter, offer Security Health Check or a package of password policy to your clients. Do it when the cost is fixed and thereafter end the price in nine. If you promote and then package it, you may as well sell it.

Utilizing Kaseya, you may write few scripts that would change local admin passwords and check password policies. Ensure that your price is equal to the hourly cost required to set up the package.  Each time you deliver the package and make more, you get better. If you convert the password audit into a type of quarterly service, you get added even more to the recurring service revenue. What do you do to leverage the people and platform to deliver services in a unique manner? Do you measure the current package and tune them to deliver best profits? What if that sells the best?

Kaseya is a unique IT tool that can help you package more important services for your managed services offering. Other technology services you could offer would be HaaS [Hardware as a Server] by CharTec, Synergy , Efolder and Connect Wise. The more services you can package, the better your story will be for your IT marketing services and Technology telemarketing people tell.

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John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!