MSP Marketing For IT, Partners With CharTec!

istock_000008617806xsmall MSP Telemarketing, which offers marketing for IT companies, is proud to announce that we have partnered with CharTec, a division of ARRC Technologies.

We first became aware of CharTec at an MSPU Boot Camp in Santa Ana, CA several months ago.

There we heard Alex Rogers speak about their HaaS (Hardware as a Service) program.

The passion that Alex has about HaaS and the managed services industry as a whole was infectious.

CharTec is blazing a marketing trail and has partnered with other industry leaders like MSPU and Robin Robins.  In fact one of the statements on their website says that if you’re going to any computer consultants marketing show then look them up, because they will probably be there.

CharTec got started from ARRC Technologies, where they are a computer services marketing provider that is rated on the MSP 100. They are  located in Bakersfield, CA.  ARRC Technologies started offering HaaS years ago, and has been perfecting their offerings for many years internally for their own customers before they realized this was something they could offer other MSP’s.

Some of the exciting features of the CharTec offering are:

  1. Ease of preparing proposals for HaaS and including them in your MSP Proposal, through CharTec’s ordering portal
  2. You really get residual commission for everything you sell!
  3. No questions asked policy when it comes to RMA’s
  4. Bottom line is that you can increase the value of your proposals

The reason that MSP Telemarketing has gotten behind CharTec is because we believe their HaaS offering is the next level that can keep managed services providers ahead of the curve and help them stand out from the crowd.  This is what we are looking for in our technology telemarketing, IT telemarketing and IT lead generation efforts.  We believe that we can get you more technology sales leads and IT sales lead by offering more services and increasing the value of your marketing computer services proposal.

The bottom line is that our IT marketing services will be enhanced when your clients have a HaaS offering through CharTec. If you’re interested in our telemarketing services, if you’d like we can also arrange for a CharTec representative to explain their offerings in further detail.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!