MSP Gets IT Sales From Telemarketing!

MSP Telemarketing is pleased to announce that Binatech, a computer services marketing 1128001_79408282 firm from Buffalo, NY, has closed their first sale from our IT telemarketing campaign conducted on their behalf.

Mike Haworth the President of Binatech has given us a testimonial on our home page of this website if you want to hear the entire statement, but here is a synopsis:

“Within only 3 weeks we’ve had about 7 appointments booked so far, and so far the quality of the appointments is very good… we closed one of these accounts for an MSP contract for about 2500 per month!” – Mike Haworth, President.

Mike has asked us to also start calling for his other location in Toronto, CA.

Technology telemarketing is an effective marketing strategy for computer consultants seeking IT lead generation.  However, you have to understand how to sell to this market and how to price it effectively to stay competitive.  Binatech has been very competitive with their pricing and generous with the options included in their all-you-can-eat managed services proposals.

The exciting thing about the lead that they were able to close, is that the prospect really had not started looking for another solution.  We were able to reach them before they started comparing and looking at other IT marketing services.

In addition they closed this sale about 1 week after the original meeting, which is a new record in terms of sale cycle!  The fastest close we had ever seen up until this was 2 weeks from the original meeting.

Congratulation to Binatech on having a great sales team, excellent model, great pricing and a good telemarketing team to get the whole process started!

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John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!