Following Up On IT Sales Leads Is A Must!

istock_000003185299xsmall2The first thing that most computer consultants drop the ball on in their marketing efforts is following up on their IT Sales Leads.

Why this is, I am not 100% sure about but it’s probably a mix of several things. If the salesman is also the Owner of the Computer Business then it easy to see how following up on technology sales leads could get lost in all of their other responsibilities.  If the salesman is a real salesman, then it might be the fact that many salesman are weak in details like following  up on marketing calls in the first place or it could be that both the owner or the salesman might be hesitant about following up calls on prospect because they aren’t sure how to do it or if they really should follow up at all.

When we talk about following up, we are talking about after the prospect has received the proposal and the ball is in their court.  Some might think that following up with the prospect at this point would be a sign of weakness in terms of negotiating.  However,  it could also be the marketing instinct left over from the Dinosaurs.  The prospect’s situation could have changed since the first time you talked with them about your IT marketing services proposal or they might not have fully understand the value.  In addition, another competitor might have come in the picture or the original computer services technician might have started trying to repair their relationship.

The best reason to do follow up calls with the prospect is because the answer might have been no and they aren’t going to call you and telling that.  When you follow up with then you might be able to reach them before this decision has time to really set in.  This is when you can try to find out what the issue is and see if you can over come it…. this is where offering an alternative model or additional guarantees might come in handy.

On the other hand, sometimes you can just speed up the computer services marketing process when the prospect was on the fence and a followup call shows them that you really do want their account and your follow up shows that your firm in the ball on customers service!

The best reason to make follow up calls is because if you’re investing in IT lead generation, IT telemarketing, technology telemarketing then you are going to do every thing to make sure you get your ROI form your marketing for IT.

Computer consultants, from  now on don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give your marketing prospects a follow up call!

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One of the computer businesses that we know is stretching out to reach to the top of the top of trees through telemarketing and having success is Binatech from Buffalo, NY.

Keep reaching for success!